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Lagree Fitness Micro

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Lagree Fitness Micro Microformer

The Micro is compact, lightweight, full-body workout machine.

The Micro is a new machine specially designed for home use but can be used commercially as well (ideal for teaching virtual classes, group classes in small rooms, provides a great option for outdoor classes, rooftops, etc.) This machine is designed for both men and women of all fitness-levels. Its compact, lightweight, portable design makes The Micro incredibly versatile. The Micro is designed to fit in spaces the Mega can't.

The Micro lets you enjoy the Lagree workout from the comfort and safety of your home; you will be able to perform some of your favorite Lagree moves and also try many new ones! Over 1,000 exercises can be performed on the Micro. Because of its small size, you can perform exercises on the Micro that you cannot on the Mega. All movements will feel identical as if performed on the Mega. Some say that the Micro is actually more challenging than the Mega.

Lagree Fitness Micro Microformer - Key Features

Key Features

  • Spring Load - The Light Spring (Black) is the same strength as the M3s Yellow Spring (~9 LBS of tension at full extension. The Heavy Spring (Red) is less strong than the M3s Red Spring (~25 LBS of tension at full extension). Overall, the tension is similar to that of the Mega.
  • Advanced Moves - Because of its small height, the Micro lets you integrate many floor exercises not possible on the Mega and gives you a greater range of motion than the Mega. The Micro can accommodate people up to 6’8” which cannot be accomplished on the Mega.
  • 5 Configurations - As with all Lagree Fitness machines, the Mini delivers a low-impact, high-intensity full-body workout that builds muscular strength, endurance, and core strength, all while improving balance and flexibility.
  • Maximize Room Capacity - Due to the Micro's compact size, Lagree studio owners can fit twice as many Micros as Megaformers in the same room, doubling the class size for less than half the cost of a Megaformer. Not only does a studio of Micros make room for more participants, but it doubles the profit of each class!
  • Lagree On Demand - Hundreds of Lagree classes right at your fingertips. Lagree’s official on demand platform with Micro, Mini, and Mega classes by Lagree Fitness. Features live events, endless workouts taught by Master Lagree Trainers, and so much more. Never miss a workout or the Lagree Shakes.

Micro Deluxe Includes:

  • 1 Micro Base
  • 2 Micro Handles (for the front & back)
  • 1 Rear Platform
  • 1 set Micro Cables w/ Universal Cuffs & Footstraps
  • 3 Micro Straps
  • 1 Universal Bungee w/ Micro Bungee Attachment


  • Dimensions: 71.1" L x 18.5" W
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Deluxe Weight: 98 lbs
  • Springs: 4