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LumaCare Duo Cold Laser Therapy

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LumaCare Duo Cold Laser Therapy System

LumaCare Duo is among the best cold laser therapy devices to offer faster results with its pulsing, triple wavelength Cold Laser solution. It is the world's first handheld, wireless and rechargeable cold laser therapy device to feature three pulsating wavelengths emitting from two directions simultaneously. The LumaCare Duo's low level laser therapy (LLLT) device utilizes two emitter heads instead of one. Users can adjust the two articulating arms and the dual rotational emitter heads of the LumaCare Duo to treat various injury locations. An advanced Cold Laser therapy device for treating acute and chronic pain, this therapeutic laser light can be directed at the injured tissue from two directions at the same time.

Having two emitter heads also allows LumaCare Duo users to focus more Infrared and visible red light over a wider area. Users may also choose to implement only one emitter head as desired. There's no heat or pain during treatment and it's powerful enough for clinical use but safe enough for use at home. This lightweight, easy to handle, and adjustable cold laser therapy device is extremely portable. It offers 8 times the power of units with similar wavelengths and features two significantly larger treatment areas. The LumaCare Duo is FDA registered and is made in the USA.