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Medical Frozen 1 Cold Plunge

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Medical Frozen 1 Cold Plunge

Introducing Frozen, the World's First Cold Plunge with an Essential Oil Infuser & Steam Generator! Now, while you use Frozen™, your entire body can heal with the refreshing aroma of eucalyptus and the zesty scent of lemongrass.

Medical Sauna noticed a problem: most cold plunges were designed by people without medical degrees. They believed there was a better approach. With Medical Saunas' team of 48 doctors and engineers, they collaborated to develop the ultimate medical cold plunge – one that would optimize and unlock the true medical potential of cold water therapy.

After extensive studying, testing, and analyzing numerous forums, Medical Sauna compiled a list of features for the perfect cold plunge. They prioritized practical additions, such as a timer to track how long you've been in the plunge without relying on a phone, which could fall into the water. They also sought numerous comforts that they needed every time they used the plunge, including water and weather-resistant spaces for robes, towels, phones, and watches. They aimed to add as many features as possible while staying true to our mission of optimizing its medical benefits.


  • Frozen Energy Shock - We engineered Frozen™ using water that is so close to freezing that it gives you the Frozen™ Shock of Energy - a burst of energy when you enter the near-freezing water. You'll love it and become addicted to Frozen's Energy Shock because it's going to wake you up.
  • Healthy & Safe 37° Freezing - Because Frozen™ is developed by doctors, health is of utmost importance to us. To keep you healthy and safe, the lowest temperature Frozen™ will reach is 37 degrees Fahrenheit. This is close to freezing and is considered the lowest safe temperature for any cold plunge, making Frozen™ one of the safest plunges to use regularly.
  • FoamSeal Military-Grade Insulation - While many cold plunges merely insulate the tubes and the back of the plunge, we take it a step further by insulating everywhere, including the outer and inner tank with military-grade insulation. This approach reduces the cooling time of Frozen's water by 2X, making it cool faster than that of many of our competitors.
  • Military-Grade Exterior UV Protection - Frozen's shell is military-grade, just like the Cybertruck. It's ultra-tough and features a UV protective coating to protect it from the damages of the sun.
  • 20 Ultra Micron Filter System - The Frozen 20 Ultra Micron Filter System not only removes hair, skin cells, and debris but also captures particles as small as dust particles that are constantly flowing into the water. Unlike our competitors' micron filter systems that leave small dust particles in the water, our ultra micron filter system is so fine that it constantly removes any small particles that flow into the water, keeping your water ultra-clean.
  • Indoor & Outdoor - We want you to enjoy the benefits of Frozen™ as much as possible, so it is designed to be used indoors or outdoors and can withstand all weather elements, including rain, sun, or snow. You can place it anywhere you want.
  • No Plumbing Needed, Just Plug & Play - No plumbing or drain is needed, and with proper care, Frozen's water can last up to 6 months. Frozen™ comes with everything you need. Just buy one and experience the natural, raw energy as you plunge into Frozen.


  • Is there any bulky equipment outside of Frozen? - Many popular cold plunges have bulky equipment outside of them, creating a tripping hazard. However, their advertisements often fail to show these potentially unattractive elements because they don't display angles that include the bulky equipment in their ads. In contrast, Frozen is elegantly designed with all equipment neatly contained inside. This arrangement prevents any equipment from protruding and becoming a trip hazard, making Frozen one of the safest plunges to use.
  • Is Frozen Cold Plunge self-cleaning? - Yes, it has both a UV sanitizing system and an advance self cleaning filtration system that keeps Frozen's water completely clean.
  • Do I need to add ice to Frozen? - No, you do not need to add ice. Frozen will cool down naturally and stay cold, allowing you to use it whenever you wish. Simply set it to your desired temperature, and it will maintain that level, ready for use at any time. Initially, it might take some time to reach the right temperature, similar to a hot tub. So, if you've just set up your cold plunge and want to use it immediately, you can add ice to hasten the cooling process. But after the initial cooling, it will remain cold and ready for you to use, just like a chiller.
  • So, you put water in and Frozen will freeze it, right? - Yes, but not entirely. The cold plunge won't freeze the water completely into a block of ice, as that would make it unusable. Rather, it will cool the water to a temperature near freezing, allowing you to use it. You can adjust it to any temperature you're comfortable with, but it's capable of getting extremely cold, close to the freezing point, if you prefer it that cold.
  • How much electricity does Frozen use? - Frozen is energy-efficient. In fact, it is so energy-efficient that it uses the same amount of electricity as many beverage chillers.
  • Can I adjust temperature and make Frozen warmer? - Yes, you can adjust the temperature from 37 degrees all the way to room temperature. According to, the average room temperature in most homes is between 68 and 72°F, so you can adjust your cold plunge from freezing cold to a comfortable 72°F.
  • What are the electrical requirements of Frozen? - It operates on a 120-volt system and will work with any standard household plug. Similar to a computer or other appliances, you simply plug it in, and it will work.

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