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Newtowne Hyperbarics Portable Class 4 Mild Hyperbaric Chamber

Original price $4,495.00 - Original price $10,995.00
Original price
$4,495.00 - $10,995.00
Current price $4,495.00

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Newtowne Hyperbarics Portable Class 4 (C4) Mild Hyperbaric Chamber for Home Use

Our Exclusive Line of Top-Quality Mild Hyperbaric Chambers.

Newtowne Hyperbarics offers state-of-the-art mild hyperbaric chambers for both clinical and home use. Each hyperbaric chamber is made from hypoallergenic, medical-grade material, including 46 oz heavy-duty, double laminated ballistic grade nylon. With large view ports and easily readable pressure gauges, our chambers are among today’s most user-friendly and versatile products. The Class 4 Mild Hyperbaric Chambers all come with a standard two-year warranty, backing up our commitment to quality. Each chamber also has exclusive port pressure covers to reinforce the strength and safety of the devices, as well as to prevent “bug-eye” effects when pressurized.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • NO Belts or Buckles
  • Exterior STEEL Frame on All Sizes
  • Exclusive dual safety zippers with a custom airtight zipper for a triple zipper entry system
  • Custom Zipper
  • No need for stabilizers
  • Hard Port Covers standard
  • 2-year warranty - all parts. Extended Warranty Available
  • Position as a Side or Top entry: provides the option to step in as well as crawl in the side

Comparison Chart

Model Number Diameter Length View Ports Mattress
C4-27 27" 92" 1 Thin mat 4" mat upgrade ($275)
C4-34 34" 95" 2 4" curve mat w/ cover
C4-40 40" 108" 2 4" curve mat w/ cover