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NOHrD SlimBeam Cable Machine

by NOHrD
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NOHrD SlimBeam Multi-Use Cable Machine

The NOHRD SlimBeam’s space-saving design and stylish look set it apart from other weight stack systems. A revolutionary upgrade to conventional cable machines, the SlimBeam is a commercial-grade weight stack with a height-adjustable dual cable pulley system. Suitable for use in fitness studios, residential gyms, and everything in between; the SlimBeam is a versatile and multi-functional piece of resistance training equipment that enables strength training exercise for every muscle group. The SlimBeam's 75 kg weight stack comprises 15 x 5 kg durable rubberised weight plates.

Every angle of the SlimBeam showcases the thoughtful attention to detail, inherent to the NOHRD product design. It’s not just about looks, but signifies the harmonious blend of design and purpose. The SlimBeam not only enhances the visual appeal of your fitness environment but also provides a dynamic platform for comprehensive functional training.

Cable Strength Training

Cable Strength Training

Cable training stations for strength training are a truly timeless staple in fitness equipment. Seasoned physiotherapists, dedicated fitness trainers and elite athletes alike, rely on cable training systems for their undeniable effectiveness. Cable training technology transforms your strength training into a symphony of precision and power. Each movement engages targeted muscle groups with focused intensity, enhancing your results and pushing you to new limits.

A Design Reimagined

The award-winning NOHRD SlimBeam design redefines fitness equipment aesthetics with a sleek and graceful presence. A distinctive figure in both commercial and home fitness spaces, the SlimBeam marries a sharp, stylish design with its sleek & slender body. Crafted from high-quality wood and adorned with a curved silhouette, the SlimBeam stands as a testament to the fusion of form and function.

SlimBeam Features

Elevated Digital Experience

The new SlimBeam Monitor is designed to seamlessly integrate with your SlimBeam cable machine. Its hassle-free, pre-assembly allows you to effortlessly expand your setup whenever you’re ready to embrace next-level training features. The new monitor’s built-in electronics precisely capture essential metrics like the set weight, total weight lifted, and repetitions completed.

Stay fully engaged with your progress, all conveniently displayed on-screen. The Workout-of-the-Day feature allows you to immerse yourself in new, full-body workouts each day, expertly curated to challenge and motivate you. Discover our detailed exercise demonstrations through videos, ensuring your every move is performed with precision. Please note, a power connection is required to power your monitor.

Slimbeam technical details

Cable Ratio 3:1 - 2:1 - 1:1

As standard, the SlimBeam is fitted with a 3:1 ratio cable to deliver a precise weight gradation and enable a handle extension length of 8 m. 2:1 and 1:1 ratio cables are also available. The maximum weight against your body of 12.5 kg (single extension) or 25 kg (double extension) is distributed over 15 rubberized weight plates, delivering an extremely precise and balanced weight gradation.

Slimbeam caple ratios

**The Slim Beam should be wall or ceiling mounted to studs**

Base plate: 17.3", Distance to wall: 3.9", 14 weights: 11.02 lbs /ea, 1 start weight: 11.02 lbs, cable ratio: 3:1, Max user weight: 260 lbs.