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NOHrD WaterGrinder

by NOHrD
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NOHrD WaterGrinder Upper Body Exercise Machine

Hoist the sails, turn wind into propulsion, reel in the forces of wind and water – this is the backbreaking task of a grinder onboard a racing yacht. Not to be underestimated in their exertion of physical strength and endurance, grinders are true high-performance athletes.

Grinders race to turn the winches on sea-going yachts to raise the sails, with a classic crank motion. The NOHrD WaterGrinder brings this intense sport to your home, enabling you to achieve the impressive fitness levels of a racing grinder, without having to forego the element of water!

The WaterGrinder is easy to use while providing a full range of upper body exercise. Its elegant, drop-shape wooden frame is a true eye-catcher in the home gym or studio.

The NOHrD WaterGrinder Provides A Full Upper Body Workout

NOHrD WaterGrinder By Pool

Stationary bicycles, cross- and elliptical trainers and treadmills are all highly effective machines, however, they mainly condition the cardiovascular system via the lower extremities. Further, all cardio training has a muscular, body-toning component, resulting in a clear upper body fitness deficit.

The NOHrD WaterGrinder can counterbalance this the problem, as it works to condition your entire upper body- arms, shoulders, pecs, and abs, as well as your entire back musculature.

The WaterGrinder provides fast muscle fatigue through shorter, extremely effective training sessions, building strength and endurance simultaneously.

When exercising at the WaterGrinder the upper body is in an upright position, with the entire core muscles actively engaged. The workout will directly affect the supporting musculature - necessary for building muscle.

Sit or stand: position the wooden seat on either side of the WaterGrinder at 3 different heights.

The touchscreen performance monitor can be swiveled to either side of the machine for training.

Inspired by competitive sailing: all WaterGrinder positions will work your upper body- pecs, abs, back, arms and shoulders.

NOHrD WaterGrinder

NOHrD WaterGrinder Technical Details

  • 110 x 80 x 120 cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: approx. 50 kg (without water)
  • Swivel-mounted monitor incl.
  • Water resistance