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OMI PEMF Medallion - Portable PEMF Local Applicator

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Oxford Medical Instruments PEMF Medallion - Portable PEMF Local Applicator

Introducing the OMI PEMF Medallion – a revolutionary wearable technology designed for athletes and health-conscious individuals to combat the omnipresent threat of EMF pollution. In our modern world, we're constantly surrounded by electronic devices like smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, and TVs, all emitting electromagnetic fields (EMFs). The World Health Organization has highlighted potential health risks from continuous EMF exposure, such as headaches and fatigue. Crafted to emit an 8 Hz signal, the OMI PEMF Medallion is engineered to neutralize the adverse effects of EMF radiation. This innovative device works to harmonize the body's biochemical and cellular processes, aiming to alleviate the impact of environmental EMFs and foster improved overall health.

With a experience dating back to 2007 in creating Pulsed Electromagnetic Field devices, OMI's PEMF Medallion stands out for its reliability and effectiveness. Designed for effortless use, this lightweight medallion can be conveniently carried in a pocket or worn using the included wrist wrap, ensuring constant protection. The OMI PEMF Medallion comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty and lifelong product support, affirming its quality and durability. The package includes the 2.76-inch medallion, a detailed user manual, a protective leather cover, a wrist wrap, and a USB charging cable. The medallion's rechargeable battery is built to last 4-5 days on standard usage, ensuring uninterrupted protection and wellness support.

Key Features

  • Compact and Convenient: The OMI PEMF Medallion is designed with portability in mind. Its compact, lightweight structure allows for easy transportation, offering consistent EMF protection wherever you go.
  • Targeted 8 Hz Emission: Engineered to emit a specific 8 Hz signal, this medallion effectively counters harmful EMF radiation, safeguarding your health in environments dominated by electronic devices.
  • Enhanced Biofield Harmony: The device's interaction with your biofield is tailored to regulate cellular and biochemical activities. This feature promotes improved health and well-being, adapting to your body's needs.
  • Effortless Usability: The medallion is user-friendly, requiring no specialized training. Its intuitive design makes it a suitable choice for anyone looking to minimize EMF exposure.
  • Trustworthy Production: OMI, renowned for its expertise in Pulsed Electromagnetic Field technology since 2007, manufactures this medallion, ensuring reliability and efficiency.
  • Sustained Battery Performance: The medallion's rechargeable battery is designed for longevity, providing 4-5 days of consistent EMF protection with standard usage.
  • All-Inclusive Package: Each OMI PEMF Medallion purchase is accompanied by a comprehensive set, including a user manual, a protective leather cover, a wrist wrap, and a USB charging cable, equipping you with all necessary components for effective use.


  • Dimensions: 2.76 inch (7 cm) diameter
  • Weight: 0.13 lb (0.06 kg)
  • Includes: Portable PEMF Medallion, User manual, Leather cover, Wrist wrap, USB charging cable
  • Power Source: Li-ion, 500 mAh, rechargeable battery; lasts 4-5 days under normal usage (2 to 3 times a day, 10 to 20 minutes at a time)
  • Frequency: 8 Hz