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OMI PEMF Package - OMI Mat, OMI Ring, OMI PulsePad

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Oxford Medical Instruments PEMF Package - OMI Mat, OMI Ring, OMI PulsePad

Oxford Medical Instruments stands as America's preferred choice for cost-effective PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy. Offering an affordable alternative without compromising on quality, OMI PEMF Mats hold their own against high-end brands such as Orin, Biomag, Renaissance, and BEMER. Proudly designed and crafted in Europe, these mats bring advanced therapy within reach.

OMI PEMF Devices have demonstrated their efficacy in enhancing sleep quality, accelerating recovery processes, and alleviating pain. By delivering precise energy pulses directly into the body, they activate cellular functions and promote swift, natural healing. With OMI, users gain access to elite wellness technology at a fraction of the cost.

Package Includes:

Full Body PEMF Mat

Explore the innovative OMI PEMF Full Body Mat + Medallion, a state-of-the-art health and wellness tool. Comparable to leading brands but at a more affordable price, it offers quality and efficacy, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. This European-made product is designed to improve sleep, accelerate healing, and alleviate pain through targeted energy pulses.

Ideal for those under stress or seeking overall well-being improvement, the OMI PEMF Mat promotes relaxation, better sleep, and enhanced mood. Its gentle, non-invasive technology is safe for daily use. To achieve the best results, use the mat two to three times daily for 20 to 30 minutes.

Portable PEMF Local Applicator Pad

Introducing the OMI Pulsepad – a cutting-edge solution designed for health enthusiasts and athletes alike. This European-made, portable device leverages pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) to directly target specific areas of the body, promoting enhanced micro-circulation, diminishing inflammation, and fostering the body's innate healing abilities.

Engineered for versatility, the OMI Pulsepad may offer significant benefits across a spectrum of health needs. It holds potential in mitigating chronic pain, bolstering bone health, and facilitating deeper, more restorative sleep. Additionally, it’s geared towards improving mental health and safeguarding against the detrimental impacts of environmental EMFs. The device operates on low-intensity, low-frequency emissions, aiming to rejuvenate blocked ion pathways and propel the body's recuperative mechanisms. Such comprehensive support may prove beneficial for individuals dealing with a range of health issues, from joint discomfort and sciatica to more severe conditions like osteoporosis or neurological challenges.

The device is remarkably user-friendly, featuring a singular preset program that emits a steady 8 Hz signal with a surface magnetic field intensity of 190 microtesla. It's powered by four AAA batteries (not included), ensuring ease of use anywhere and anytime. The package, lightweight at just 0.77 lb, includes the PEMF pad, a control unit, and a detailed user manual, embodying convenience and portability.


The OMI PEMF Ring represents a cutting-edge approach in the realm of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, specifically engineered to augment cellular health and overall well-being. This device harnesses the power of magnetic energy waves, harmonizing with the body's intrinsic magnetic field. The result is a notable increase in electrolytes and ions, catalyzing beneficial electrical alterations at the cellular tier, which in turn enhances cellular metabolism.

Designed with an innovative ring shape, the OMI PEMF Ring uniquely addresses joint-related concerns in areas such as legs, neck, shoulders, knees, ankles, and elbows, offering targeted relief and treatment capabilities beyond the scope of conventional PEMF mats. Regular, short-term usage of the OMI PEMF Ring can significantly aid the body's healing mechanisms and may contribute to the reduction of chronic pain symptoms.

The comprehensive package includes the ring-shaped applicator, an adjustable control unit, a DC adapter for power supply, and a user manual for easy operation. The device's construction involves PU leather and polifoam, ensuring both longevity and user comfort during therapy sessions. The ring weighs approximately 2.8 pounds, with dimensions measuring 11.4 x 11.4 x 3.9 inches, offering a convenient and portable solution for PEMF therapy.