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Oro Cooling Gloves

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The palms of your hands provide the fastest transfer of temperature.

The Oro Cooling Gloves target the palms of your hands, which act as your body's radiator. Cool your wrists and palms at the same time for faster recovery.

The palms of your hands provide the fastest transfer of temperature.

The palms of your hands contain structures that are called AVA’s (arteriovenous anastomoses). These are a concentrated network of small arteries and veins which work like radiators or heat exchangers. This results in these areas being able to potentially exchange relatively larger amounts of heat or cold than their surface area alone would dictate.

Cooling the palms has been shown to improve endurance when strength training (see this link in our drop-down menu). Because resistive exercise training is a mainstay of most competitive athletic programs -- and because there are few demonstrated gains outside of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) -- cooling your palms is a natural, risk-free training method.

One CoolPak slips into the concealed pocket of each Cooling Glove, with a thumbhole that positions the hidden CoolPak directly onto your palms. To cool your wrists, you can bypass the thumbhole and slide the glove up onto your wrist.