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Penguin Chillers Cold Therapy Chiller

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Penguin Chillers Cold Therapy Chiller

Whether you are new to cold therapy or a seasoned pro, you are likely doing it for the benefits that exposure to cold offers rather than the physical workout you’ll get from lugging all the ice needed to keep up with it. Lets face it – keeping up with the amount of ice needed to keep a ice bath cold can get to be quite the burden. Our chiller will keep your ice bath cold effortlessly, this should lead to more consistent and frequent usage. Make the most out of your ice bath by turning it into an iceless bath!

The chiller can reach into the low 40F’s, even down into high 30F’s with the right conditions. Ambient temps and sun exposure account for the majority of the heat load on a cold therapy tub (your body heat is insignificant compared to the sun). Reducing the external heat load will improve chiller performance. Low to mid 40F’s should be possible on a most +/-100 gallons setup even in full sun / less than ideal conditions. Our cold therapy chillers can be used indoors and outdoors, except in freezing conditions.

The chiller operates quietly at just 56 dBA, ensuring your therapy sessions remain peaceful. It's also cost-effective, with estimated monthly running costs between $18-28. The energy-efficient design only activates the compressor and fan when necessary, significantly reducing energy use.

Built to last, the Penguin Chillers Cold Therapy Chiller is backed by a 1-year warranty, which can be extended to 3 years, ensuring long-term reliability. Manufactured in the USA, this chiller not only adheres to stringent quality standards but also supports American craftsmanship.

Penguin Chillers Cold Therapy Chiller

What's Included

Chiller includes:

  • 3/4HP Cold Therapy Chiller with built in pump – outdoor rated!
  • 2qty quick connect fittings to mate with fittings on the back of the chiller, fittings have 3/4″ barbs for connecting 3/4″ ID tubing to the chiller (tubing sold separately)
  • Inline Screen – coarse filter to catch hair and large debris prior to chiller

Optional Install kit includes:

  • Attached filter canister with 150 micron washable / reusable filter.  3/4″ barbed connections
  • 3/4″ ID Black vinyl tubing –  2qty – 6′ lengths
  • 2qty bulkheads – require 1″ hole through the wall of your tank
  • Barb fittings to fit the bulkheads and connect the 3/4″
  • 8qty hose clamps

Penguin Chillers Cold Therapy Chiller

Installation and Setup

Installation of this chiller is straightforward, thanks to its quick connect fittings. An optional Filter and Install Kit makes setup even smoother, providing everything needed to connect the chiller to any compatible plunge tub. This kit includes:

  • An attached filter canister with a 150-micron washable/reusable filter
  • Two 6-foot lengths of 3/4″ ID black vinyl tubing
  • Two bulkhead fittings (requiring a 1″ hole through the tub wall)
  • Barb fittings for connecting the tubing to the bulkheads
  • Eight hose clamps

The system also features an inline screen that acts as a coarse filter to intercept hair and large debris, protecting the chiller. With the included built-in pump, there's no need to source an external one.


  • Can I Set My Chiller Up On A Timer?
    A common question we get revolves around setting the chiller up on a timer. Ideally you’ll want to keep the water cold at all times. There’s a few reasons for this –
    1. Cold water keeps bacteria (slimy walls) largely under control by slowing or stopping their growth. This significantly reduces the amount of maintenance needed to keep your water clean for longer periods of time. This means less frequent water changes and that much lower levels of sanitizer being an effective doses (chlorine/hydrogen peroxide/etc).
    2. If you are using it on a regular basis the amount of potential power savings will be fairly insignificant, the heat it would gain in the “off” period still needs to be removed when you turn it back on. So if running is normally cost $18-$28/month you might be able to save $3-$5/month. However have to change water and the filter more often so it is unlikely to be a net cost savings.
    3. When you cut power to the chiller you also cut power to the pump. Pumps get the most wear and tear during startup, that’s when a pump is most likely to fail as well. Cycling the power to the chiller is just adding unnecessary wear and tear to the pump.
  • Is This Suitable for My Tub Size?
    The 3/4HP model is best for tubs ranging from 100-150 gallons. However, actual performance may vary based on the insulation of your tub, the desired water temperature, ambient temperature, and whether the tub is exposed to sunlight.
  • Do I Need Additional Equipment?
    The Penguin Chillers Cold Therapy Chiller is designed for straightforward setup for cold plunge applications. Purchasing the additional installation & filter kit listed above provides all necessary connections for your tub. If your cold plunge tub features a 3/4" inlet, you might require an adapter to connect the chiller, or alternatively, you could enlarge the inlet to a 1" diameter.
  • Can This Chiller Be Used Outdoors?
    Absolutely! This 3/4HP model is our only unit rated for outdoor use and is rain-proof*. It should not be operated in freezing or near-freezing conditions. Always disconnect and drain the chiller when ambient temperatures approach or drop below freezing to avoid damage.
  • Can This Chiller Be Used With My Bathtub?
    Yes, it can! However, you will need to secure the hoses to ensure they remain in place during use. If a hose becomes dislodged, it could damage the pump. Make sure to prime the chiller before using it in a bathtub, as the pump cannot self-prime. The chiller should be positioned at or below the level of the bathtub base—do not place the chiller higher than the tub. Also, note that long tubing runs from the tub to the chiller can reduce the pump's effectiveness.
  • Can I Use Salt Water or Other Additives in the Chiller?
    Definitely! Ensure that any salt is fully dissolved before running it through the chiller. Most ice bath additives are compatible and will not harm the chiller. However, avoid oil-based additives, such as coconut oil, which can clog the system. If using any natural oils, monitor the flow rate closely and clean the system regularly. If you're unsure about a specific additive, feel free to contact us for advice.

Cost to Run (lower than most expect):

At $0.12/KWh the monthly cost of operation should be around $18-$28/month. The compressor and fan only turn on when cooling is needed, once the water reaches your set point they turn off and only the low wattage pump continues to run.

Chiller Specs:

  • 3/4HP High Efficiency Chiller
  • 7,500 BTU/hr
  • 56 dBA (fairly quiet)
  • 110 – 120 Volts / 450 Watts / 3.9 Amps
  • 17”W x 15”D x 13”H
  • 49 Pounds
  • Built in Pump
  • 10′ power cord with GFCI protection
  • Rain Proof* (*disconnect chiller and drain completely when ambient temps are freezing or below to prevent damage to chiller)
  • 1 Year Product Warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA

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