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ProStretch Shoulder Flex

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Shoulder Flex Stretching Tool

The ProStretch Shoulder Flex is a new product that helps people to regain and retain flexibility in their shoulder and rotator cuff muscles. The unique design of the Shoulder Flex allows the user to apply leverage to the arm in various positions to create tension on specific muscles. The tension translates into improved flexibility. This can be for regaining lost range of motion due to surgery or injury or simply to maintain a normal range of motion for functional use.

The Shoulder Flex also allows for a wide spectrum of users since it can be adjusted to accommodate virtually any level of flexibility. It may be used for internal and external rotation.

No other product on the market today has the combination of ease of use, portability, safety, and, most importantly, effectiveness that the Shoulder Flex has in its wheelhouse. People can now effectively rehabilitate and stretch in the comfort of their homes with a quality product usually only found in a clinical or medical environment. The ProStretch Shoulder Flex can help people regain a functional and pain-free lifestyle.

ProStretch Shoulder Flex

ProStretch Shoulder Flex
ProStretch Shoulder Flex