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Beet-Infused, Whole Food Powder with Nutrient Dense, Targeted Superfoods



A convenient and tasteful way to support and achieve your daily, whole food nutrition needs. CHOCOBERRY BLAST™ provides 40+ superfoods with synergistic amounts of micronutrients, probiotics, and antioxidants that reduce harmful free radical activity, decrease stress, blunt hunger, improve recovery, and bind toxins. It’s 100% GMO free and contains no fillers, herbicides or pesticides of any kind

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Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

  • 100% ORGANIC BEET JUICE POWDER: CHOCOBERRY BLAST™ is fortified with nitric oxide enhancing beet juice powder for all-day, everyday stamina, inner calm, and stress resiliency
  • FRUITS, VEGGIES, HERBS & BOTINCS: Your body doesn't need (or effectively utilize) synthetic and/or isolated vitamins and minerals. But, it does need an abundant supply of the naturally-occurring nutrients found in fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs. CHOCOBERRY BLAST™ is an effective and tasteful way to provide this vital nourishment to your body
  • FUNCTINOAL SUPERFOODS: Boost energy with cocoa polyphenols, improve recovery and total well-being with antioxidant-packed super-berries, and jump-start detox with citrus bioflavonoids, green tea extract, and more! Low in calories and carbohydrates, gut friendly with a kid approved taste, and supports better blood sugar, body composition, and satiety


Wholefoods for Wholesome Health

  • DESIGNED FOR YOUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: CHOCOBERRY BLAST™ enhances the overall nutrient density of your diet and greatly complements a meal that's short on fresh veggies. Take some as an alkalinizing, nutrient-replenishing recovery drink following high-intensity training or racing, shake it up with coconut milk for a mid-afternoon snack, mix it with water while traveling, and add it to a smoothie
  • CLEAN LABEL INGREDIENTS: CHOCOBERRY BLAST™ is derived from a carefully-selected, synergistic blend of whole-foods with a wide range of organic, antioxidant-rich fruit concentrates. No GMOs, herbicides, chemicals, and pesticides, fillers, inexpensive fibers, sweeteners, or weak concentrates
  • REALLY, REALLY GOOD FOR YOU: Just one 15 gram serving provides all the complete and total nutritional support for supporting a wide variety of health and wellness goals

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The ingredients:

Nitric Oxide Energy Blend (8,000mg), Super Berry Blend (3,000mg), Alkalizing Greens Blend (1,500mg), Nourishing Veggie Blend (1,000mg), Gentle Fiber Blend (1,800), Restorative Adaptogen Blend (500mg), Supportive Probiotic Blend (250), Healing Enzyme Blend, Natural Flavors (strawberry, raspberry, cherry)

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