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QRS 101 PEMF Home System (New 2024)

by QRS
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QRS 101 PEMF Home System (2024)

The Quantron Resonance System (QRS) represents the cutting edge in pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology. With a foundation of over 20 years of research, 200+ scientific studies, and three global patents, QRS is the most extensively researched PEMF system available.

QRS's renowned effectiveness in ion transport ensures the direct delivery of vital nutrients to cells, thereby boosting cellular metabolic processes. Cells, akin to smart, self-replicating batteries, can be charged or depleted. The QRS 101 System, producing natural PEMF signals, recharges the body's 70 trillion cells efficiently.

Unlike its counterparts, the QRS PEMF signal is designed to mirror the body's natural waveforms. Therapeutic healing effects are maximized through frequencies and intensities that resonate with natural bodily waveforms, minimizing harmful side effects. The QRS broadcasts an extensive range of frequencies from .1 Hz to 10,000 Hz and utilizes a Fibonacci spiral wave, closely matching the body's natural waveforms.

A distinct feature of QRS is its ability to filter out harmful electrosmog in the 50-60 Hz range, produced by everyday electronic devices. This electrosmog can interfere with ion transport and pose health risks over time. Dr. True Ott's tests revealed that QRS produces zero electrosmog, a significant advantage over other devices.

Endorsed by double Nobel prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling, the QRS is celebrated as a crucial development in physical medicine. Preferred by professionals across various fields, its endorsers include Hippocrates Wellness, Frank Zane, and Floyd Mayweather.

The QRS system has been instrumental in alleviating conditions such as fatigue, high blood pressure, chronic pain, and insomnia, with many reporting success rates of 80%-100% within the initial weeks of use. Additionally, its safety extends to use on pets and animals.

For a limited time, every order also includes a FREE PEMF Pen Applicator & Pillow ($700 value). If you don't want the Pen Applicator with your order, we can offer you a discounted rate - just call or message us.

The Key-Lock Principle

QRS 101 PEMF Home System (2024) - The Key-Lock Principle

When hormones cause muscle growth, there is no effort behind it, but a simple and ingenious principle of nature: hormones function exclusively as signaling substances, which transport messages.

But the cell will accept the message only if the “feelers” of the hormone fit perfectly into the docking station of a cell, the cell “receptors”. This mechanism is called the “key-lock principle”.

In the meantime science has found out: a cell not only transforms the “secret codes” of the hormones into a biologic language but also turns on special “electromagnetic receptors”, which react by means of quantum resonance fields.

Quantum fields have the particular characteristic that they gently pass through the body without resistance, in contrast to light, sound and electric frequencies, which are already absorbed in the upper skin layers.

QRS® has imitated this principle of nature in an ingenious way. QRS® latches into the receptor as a frequency message, a code. Then in the body’s own biologic language the messages: “cell work, cell produce energy, cell clean up – are received by the cell this effectively!”

Key Features

  • Exclusive e-function QRS Signal: Defended through 57 lawsuits, this patented signal ensures unmatched effectiveness, distinguishing our device from competitors.
  • Broad Frequency Range: Extends up to 10,000Hz, significantly surpassing competitors and enhancing treatment versatility and effectiveness.
  • Electrosmog Elimination: The sole device designed to actively filter out harmful electrosmog, ensuring a safer therapy environment.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Simplifies the setup process into three intuitive steps, making advanced therapy accessible and easy to use.
  • Scheduled Sessions: Allows programming of automatic sessions within 24 hours, offering seamless treatment even during sleep.
  • Specialized PEMF Applicators: Offers unique treatment options for eyes and ears, enhancing therapy options and device utility.
  • Advanced Magnetic Mesh: Replaces outdated coil systems for a device that's lighter, more flexible, durable, and user-friendly.
  • Portable Design: Lightweight and compact, easily foldable for travel, ideal for athletes and those needing on-the-go treatment.
QRS 101 PEMF Home System (2024) - Key Features


  • Dimensions:
    • QRS® 101 Control Unit - 92 mm x 190 mm x 215 mm
    • QRS® Mat Applicator - 1780 mm x 650 mm x 15 mm
    • QRS® Pillow Applicator - 540 mm x 335 mm x 15 mm
    • QRS® Carry Bag - 690 mm x 300 mm x 220 mm
  • Weight:
    • QRS® 101 Control Unit - 3.5 Kg
  • Functionality:
    • Timer - 2 Timers (individually adjustable) 
    • Display Backlight - On/Off 
    • Standard Programs - Relax, Basis, Vital 
    • Standard Intensities - Sensitive, Medium, Intensive 
    • Customized Intensities - Up to 11 settings 
    • Standard Application Duration - 8, 16 or 24 Minutes
    • Customized Duration - From 1 to 60 Minutes 
  • Technical Data:
    • Output Signal - Max. 3V, 170 mA 
    • Magnetic Field Strength  - Mat: 0.3-30, Pillow: 0.4 - 40 (μT)
    • MDD Device Class - IIa 
    • Mains - 110/240v, 50/60 Hz
    • Power - 7W
    • Operation Temperature - +10°C up to +40°C 
  • What's Included:
    • QRS® 101 Control Unit 
    • QRS® Mat Applicator 
    • QRS® Pillow Applicator
    • QRS® Pen Applicator 
    • QRS® Carry Bag 
    • Power Supply Cable 
    • QRS® 101 User Manual 

QRS 101 PEMF Home System FAQs

QRS 101 PEMF Home System FAQs
  • Why choose Recovery For Athletes for a QRS System? At RFA, your purchase comes with more than just a product. Enjoy a free phone consultation with an MD and QRS expert, plus ongoing support. Our customer satisfaction is unmatched, highlighted by our verified reviews. Exclusive pricing for healthcare providers is available.
  • Why select QRS over competitors like BEMER? Our device boasts 3 international patents and has undergone more specific studies than any competitor. Endorsed by renowned experts and featuring the best return policy and warranty, we also provide free expert training.
  • Differences between QRS and PureWave? PureWave uses an older QRS version at a higher price and lacks a return policy.
  • International use and shipping? The QRS can adapt to any outlet worldwide, and we offer global shipping at a low cost.
  • Traveling with the QRS System? Yes, our mat is lightweight, foldable, and travel-friendly.
  • Purpose of applicators? They're designed for specific body parts, enhancing targeted treatment, while the mat focuses on whole-body wellness.
  • Research papers or testimonials available? Absolutely, we have a comprehensive folder of research and testimonials for your review.
  • Effectiveness for specific conditions? We offer a treatment protocol covering numerous conditions. Consult your doctor, and reach out to us for more personalized information.