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Ready Nutrition Sports Drink Variety Pack

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Ready Nutrition Sports Drink Variety Pack

Ready® Sports Drink is scientifically formulated using the perfect blend of super fruits for energy and three dominant electrolytes for hydration. Plant nutrients from the super fruits, along with B vitamins drive nonstop high performance, without any “added sugars” found in other sports drinks.

We Don’t Add Sugar. We Use Super Fruits, Real Food Carbs, B Vitamins and Three Dominant Electrolytes for Complete Hydration.

From Farm To Bottle - We know what you put in your body counts. That’s why we use responsibly sourced, all-natural ingredients. Always. Each and every batch is quality tested by a third party testing lab to verify all required food safety, allergen and stated nutritional information.

Includes 1 of each flavor.

Ready Nutrition Sports Drink  Variety Pack

Ready Nutrition Sports Drink  Variety Pack
  • Real Food Carb Source - Our proprietary Super Fruit Blend provides a natural combination of sugars (or simple carbohydrates) the body can easily absorb and deliver to muscles quickly to power and sustain muscle contraction during exercise. Super fruits contain Polyphenols, which are potent plant based anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients that reduce inflammation and byproducts produced during exercise that are present in fatigue. Polyphenols may also have a role in promoting increased blood flow to the exercising muscle.
  • No Added Sugars - Just because a product is marketed as “All Natural” doesn’t necessarily mean that is healthy or beneficial to consume. White or Cane sugars are “natural” but are processed sugars that are added to many sports drinks. Ready® Sports Drink contains no added sugars, whereas most commercial sport drinks contain 48 grams or more per 28 oz. serving of “Added Sugars”. Ready® Sports Drink’s fruit sugars are healthier and deliver a higher nutritive value than refined added sugars like cane, dextrose and high fructose corn syrup.
  • Dominant Electrolyte Blend - Ready® electrolyte mix was developed to proportionally replace electrolytes lost in sweat focusing on Sodium and Chloride in higher amounts, with slightly less Potassium to promote optimal hydration. Sodium and Chloride are the 2 minerals lost in greatest concentration in sweat, followed by Potassium to a lesser extent. It is important to replace electrolytes in the amounts they are lost in sweat to help maintain physiological balance (homeostasis), preventing muscle cramping and improving hydration.