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Chattanooga Vectra Neo Laser Therapy Module

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Chattanooga Vectra Neo Laser Therapy Module

This Laser Module is for exclusive use with the Chattanooga Vectra Neo Clinical Therapy System. The multi-functional system offers a variety of modules in addition to Laser to tackle pain. These include TENS, ultrasound, sEMG and Stim. The Laser module provides topical heating to treat a variety of issues which include increasing local blood circulation, relaxation of muscles, temporary relief of muscle spasms as well as relieving minor muscle pain, joint aches and stiffness. Laser therapy results in light energy absorbed into the patient's tissue. This triggers biological changes at a cellular level, so the dose and frequency of treatment should always be supervised by a licensed medical professional with the patient's comfort foremost in mind. If Laser therapy is part of a larger pain management plan that will also include applying cold or heat as well, it's suggested to use the cold before Laser therapy as this slows the flow of red blood cells and reduces the amount of energy removed from the area.

Use heat after Laser therapy treatment because this speeds the flow of red blood cells so that more energy can be removed from the area. Versatile, the laser offers pulse frequencies from 8 Hz up to 10,000 Hz. Please note, this is the Laser Module only. The Vectra Neo Clinical Therapy System is available separately. Ensuring safety, the Neo software incorporates a cooling function that forces the user to cool the laser cluster prior to the next treatment. The Laser module is also effective at providing temporary relief of minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. The patient's skin color, their sensitivity to light and any medications they are taking that increase sensitivity to light are all factors that might affect treatment with the laser. Because the Neo is plug and play, the laser module is easily installed in no time. Easy to clean with a lint-free cloth moistened with water and mild antibacterial soap.

Chattanooga Vectra Neo Laser Therapy Module

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