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VersaClimber SMA Sport Model

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VersaClimber SMA Sport Model

Way beyond other cardio equipment on the market today, the SM VersaClimber combines a sleek, space efficient, vertical design, with a versatile calorie torching, total body workout. This unique combination combines two cardio machines into one – a lower body stepper and upper body climber – producing the most effective fat burning workout, in the least amount of time.

The SM is two cardio machines in one: lower body stepper & upper body climber–one price for two cardio machines. It was uniquely designed to provide a true total body, non impact, cardio work out for a superior fat and calorie burning results. Research proves VersaClimbing for just 20 minutes or less, actively engages/tones all the major muscle groups and is more effective and time efficient compared to Treadmills, Ellipticals, Steppers and Bikes.

Optional Seat Mount Brackets and Adjustable Seat Available.

User Manual

VersaClimber SM/SMA Sport Model

VersaClimber SM/SMA Features

  • Polar Heart Rate Monitoring
  • SMA Model: Fixed resistance
  • 1-20 inch step range of motion
  • Cross-Crawl climbing pattern
  • Optional Bluetooth Module - provides smart phone connectivity for use with free VersaClimber phone app.
  • Padded side hand rails for use as a stepper
  • Double welded steel construction
  • Quick release straight hand grips
  • Module: 6 landmark & 6 opponents; time, cal, stroke inches, total vertical feet

VersaClimber SM/SMA Specs

  • Height: 7' 10"
  • Weight: 155 lbs
  • Base: 42" x 45"
  • Power: 110V only

Mount Types

  • Wall Mount: Use a wall “mounting bracket” to secure a VersaClimber to any secure wall. Includes all required hardware for attaching to wall.
  • Freestanding: Includes base that will keep the machine stable on any level surface with adequate space.
  • Floor Mount: Base must be bolted into floor, but greatly reduces footprint of the machine. Recommended for gym/studio settings.
Versaclimber TS Mounts

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