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VersaClimber VersaPulley

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VersaClimber VersaPulley Flywheel Training Machine

What Is VersaPulley? VersaPulley is a high/low strength exercise pulley machine that combines speed, power and functional mobility through any range of motion with accommodating inertial resistance at any speed, just like sports. The VersaPulley was designed to enhance sport movement and athletic performance.

The resistance used is based on patented MV² technology. This technology provides responsive resistance and a true stretch-shortening cycle for closed chain, multi-plane, multi-joint exercises as well as isolation or open-chain routines. MV² technology is a mechanism utilizing rotational inertia and an infinitely variable cam (cone).

One can perform a vast array of exercises across the force-velocity spectrum ranging from high force and low velocity to high velocity and low force.

Who is using VersaPulley?

World-class athletes at Mark Verstegen’s Athletes’ Performance Training Centers in Tempe, AZ and Carson, CA. Verstegen is Director of Performance for the NFL Players’ Association. He and his staff work with top athletes competing at the highest levels in football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, and many other sports. Noted speaker and regular NSCA columnist Juan Carlos Santana uses the VersaPulley with his athletes and clients at the Institute of Human Performance in Boca Raton, FL. Additionally, other top professionals such as Mark Roozen in Fort Worth, TX are using the VersaPulley.

What is Smart Coach?

Smart Coach Sensor (+$195) - A connector that allows VersaPulley to plug into Smart Coach products. Upgrading VersaPulley with IPU display, Smart Coach Sensor is included.

SmartCoach™ systems are composed of: a power meter, a data acquisition and analysis software and, for flywheel and VersaPulley™ devices only.

During exercise, the power meter acquires data from the training device and feeds it into the software. The analysis software is the same for the entire range of products.


Weight N/A

68 inches


26 inches


90 inches (top of post)


250 pounds


Structural Steel, Steel, Individually hand welded for superior quality.

Rope Tensile Strength

1,200 pounds

Pully Working Load

480 pounds



Force Developed

1 pound to 800 pounds


User defined

Range of Motion

1 inch to 10 feet

Muscle Action

Concentric, Eccentric, Plyometric

Joint Angles

Unlimited Multi-Angular

Plane of Motion

Unlimited Multi-Planer


No IPU Display, No Smart Coach Sensor, No IPU Display, Add Smart Coach Sensor, Add IPU Display includes Smart Coach Sensor

Squat Deck

No Squat Deck, Short Squat Deck, Tall Squat Deck