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Vertiball Wall Mounted Massager

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Vertiball Massager

The Vertiball Massager is the perfect at home and on the road trigger-point massager tool.

The Vertiball Massager is designed to help you release tight muscles, increase range of motion, improve flexibility and athletic performance, and decrease muscle pain.

Vertiball's patented mounting technology uses industrial suction cup tech to mount to most smooth surfaces including painted drywall.

Try out the Vertiball Wall Mounted Massager today for 30 days and find out why some of the biggest names in sports are making the move to Vertiball.

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger points or muscle knots are involuntary tight tender spots in a contracted muscle and can be described as “myofascial pain syndrome”.

Self-myofascial release has been found to increase range of motion, flexibility and athletic performance while decreasing muscle pain.

Patented Mounting Technology

Our patented mounting system uses industrial suction cup technology to mount to most smooth surfaces including painted drywall.

Our design does the hard work while you can easily pinpoint muscle knots with the 360° rotating ball.

Your Satisfaction with the Vertiball Massager is Guaranteed:

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