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VKTRY Gold Insoles

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VKTRY Gold Insoles

The VKTRY Performance Insole is the first-ever sports insole designed to return the energy an athlete generates as explosive power, speed and agility. The insole’s carbon fiber design increases explosiveness by an average of +9.3%, which immediately translates to running faster and jumping higher.

Most sports insoles are made from foam and plastic and provide virtually no energy return. VKs are innovative performance insoles made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, with a curved shape, full length carbon fiber base and customized flexibility to increase ground force.

All athletes are not alike. Using body weight and foot size, VKTRY’s proprietary algorithm determines optimal ‘Pro’ level (flexibility) based on how much deflection force an athlete can comfortably exert on the VKTRY carbon fiber insole. This energy is stored (like a spring) and released back to literally propel the athlete forward or upward.


VKs improve alignment to protect your knees from injuries.

The knee is considered especially vulnerable in the lower extremity kinetic chain. VKs decreased frontal plane knee joint excursion (lateral movement) with test subjects.

Less joint excursion equates to improved alignment during running and reduces abnormal knee joint load.

Even a small variation in knee alignment can result in stress on the ligaments and degenerative damage to the knee.

VKs provide added stability and protection for the ankle joint, increase energy efficiency and protect against shin splints.

VKTRY Insoles allowed the test subjects to decrease the degree of dorsiflexion (loading up) in order to perform the necessary work in plantar flexion (push-off)

This allows the tibialis anterior tendon to work less thereby reducing the chances of shin splints, tibial stress syndrome and anterior compartment syndrome.

VKs allowed the test subjects to “load up” at the ankle less… yet generate more force. Essentially… less risk, more reward.

VKs reduce the risk of ankle injuries and increase protection against plantar fasciitis (currently 4M cases per year in the U.S.)

VKs reduced the degree of ankle plantarflexion necessary for running test subjects to exert a measured ground force.

VKs better control ankle eversion (rolling) resulting in improved joint stability reducing the risk of ankle injury.

By decreasing ankle excursion (lateral movement), VKs keeps the bones & joints of the foot within the normally accepted range of motion resulting in reduced stress on the Plantar Fascia.

VKs provide a “spring-like” effect to improve shock absorption and reduce the load and stress on the athlete’s body.

Whether walking, running or jumping, athletes experience ground reaction forces (GRF)

Test subjects experienced significantly less GRF with VKTRY Insoles (10%), especially once the athlete was fatigued.

This indicates that VKs were able to absorb more shock and distribute the ground forces more evenly for the athlete.

Gold vs Silver Insoles

VKTRY Gold vs Silver Insoles
VKTRY Gold vs Silver Insoles

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