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Maurten Hydration Products

Pioneering the Future of Sports Nutrition
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Maurten's Innovation: Merging Science with Natural Elements

2015 marked an innovative milestone in sports nutrition with Maurten’s trailblazing achievement: the encapsulation of carbohydrates within hydrogels. As this technique approaches patent finalization, Maurten stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of nature and scientific research.

The Evolution of Athletic Hydration

Throughout history, athletes have pursued the ideal method of energizing their bodies. By the 1960s, research illuminated the performance-enhancing capabilities of carbohydrate-infused beverages during rigorous exercises. This era birthed the prototype sports drink, blending salts, sugar, and lemonade. However, these carbohydrate-based beverages presented inherent challenges, primarily stemming from their sugar content. These challenges included digestive difficulties and gastrointestinal discomfort.

Enter Maurten. Utilizing the cutting-edge hydrogel technology, the company unveiled a new spectrum of sports beverages and energy gels. These products were not only naturally rich in carbohydrates but also sidestepped the digestive issues associated with conventional sports drinks.

Maurten’s Unique Formula: Unadulterated Energy Sans Additives

Harnessing the power of hydrogel technology, Maurten established:

  • Enhanced Carbohydrate Levels: Standout Maurten products, especially the Drink Mix 320, are fortified with notable carbohydrate concentrations, reaching up to 80 grams in a single mix.
  • Digestive Ease: Maurten's innovative approach mitigates the typical stomach-related issues linked with sugary sports beverages, offering athletes a more fluid consumption experience.
  • Natural Authenticity: Products like Drink Mix 160 and Drink Mix 320 encapsulate Maurten’s commitment to genuineness. Eschewing artificial elements, they derive their strength from real, organic ingredients.

The Hydrogel Phenomenon: A Deep Dive


Integrating Drink Mix variants, such as the 160 or 320, with water yields a potent sports beverage brimming with carbohydrates. Once ingested, the drink transitions into a hydrogel due to the stomach's acidity, encasing the carbohydrates. This transformation ensures the efficient passage of the drink from the stomach to the intestine, promoting the optimal absorption of its components.


Products like Gel 100 and Gel 100 CAF 100 echo the drinks' hydrogel-centric mechanism, guaranteeing streamlined carbohydrate absorption.

The Essence of Hydrogels

A staple in the food sector, hydrogels are recognized for their water-based structures laden with biopolymers and micro-pores. Their water-retentive property can be likened to a household sponge.

At Maurten, the spotlight is on creating hydrogels with organic components. These specialized hydrogels derive their architecture from:

  • Alginate: Sourced from the cellular framework of brown algae.
  • Pectin: Commonly found in an array of vegetables and fruits, including carrots and apples.

These two dietary fibers, when fused under particular conditions, give rise to a pH-sensitive hydrogel, pivotal to Maurten’s product line.

A Confluence of Research and Athletic Excellence

Subsequent to their 2015 revelation, Maurten witnessed its technological breakthrough becoming the preferred choice of elite marathoners worldwide. Maurten's journey is anchored in robust scientific underpinnings and elite athletic accomplishments. Presently, Maurten collaborates with global research hubs and academic institutions to further probe into their products’ capabilities, which include distinct offerings like Drink Mix 320 CAF 100. As the anticipation mounts, the sports and scientific communities eagerly await the release of a scholarly paper authenticating Maurten's groundbreaking technology.

In essence, Maurten's portfolio, encompassing products like Drink Mix 160, Gel 100, Gel 100 CAF 100, Drink Mix 320, and Drink Mix 320 CAF 100, is redefining sports nutrition. Maurten is not just creating products; they're sculpting the future of athletic fueling.