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Power Plate Products – Prices – Reviews

Whether you are looking to create your very own at home gym or enhance your current fitness space, the Power Plate Vibration Platform is the ideal addition to whatever you want to create. At Recovery For Athletes, we offer Four different product lines in the Power Plate Family:

Power Plate Personal Vibration Plate: Priced at $1,495. Slim & portable design allowing you to take your fitness and recovery wherever you go. 

Power Plate my series: Starting at $2,595. The ideal at home Power Plate series. Choose between the Power Plate my3, my5, and my7 depending on what you are looking for size and feature wise.

Power Plate Pro series: Starting at $9,495. The professional series of Power Plate Vibration Platforms. Choose between the Power Plate pro5, pro5hp, pro6+, pro7 and pro7hc depending on what features and size you are looking for. 

Power Plate FitStop: Priced at $8,000 Ideal for employee workspaces. Includes tailor made exercises that can be done in your every day work clothes to promote a healthy work environment and help improve team culture. 

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