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Bear Mattress

The Best Sleep For Your Active Lifestyle

Quality sleep is imperative to overall health and well being throughout your life. As an athlete, this is even more critical, as you place tons of stress on your body through extensive training sessions and long, strenuous seasons. And when your livelihood depends on your ability to perform at your top-level every day, recovery is key!

But recovery extends beyond just diet, massages, and cold tubs. The most influential aspect is sleep. The stress and damage that builds on the body as a result of the active lifestyle needs to have time to recover and repair itself. This only happens in sleep! Good sleep aids in recovery, cognitive function, and efficiency, yet sleep deprivation is rampant in today’s world and often held as a badge of honor. If you don’t sleep, how can you expect to recover and be ready to perform!

Valuing and improving sleep should be a top priority of an athlete. And to do so, you must ensure you create a positive sleep environment to match the highly active lifestyle you live. What does good sleep and a good environment look like?

  • Establishing a pre-bedtime routine
  • Keeping your bedroom cool and dark
  • Eliminate blue light (screens) exposure before sleep
  • Supportive and well-suited mattress (like a Bear Mattress)

A proper mattress though is often the most overlooked. BUT, a supportive mattress that fits your exact needs and lifestyle is a GAME CHANGER!!! Not all mattresses are created equal and choosing the wrong one can lead to many nights of poor quality sleep and therefore poor recovery and performance.

The Solution?

Bear Mattress! They have gone the extra mile with their mattresses by providing a product that will ensure you the best environment to recover each night and prepare you to perform at the highest level each and every day.

Bear Mattress Pro

What’s so special about Bear?

Bear Mattress is an all-foam bed with three layers: a thick, dense foam layer at the bottom, a transition layer, and then a gel memory foam layer on top that provides pressure relief and contouring support throughout the night. That all screams quality sleep!

In addition, Bear added a Celliant cover that wraps the foam layers. This Celliant cover is an FDA recognized performance fabric technology that is clinically proven to enhance tissue oxygen levels which will help achieve more restful sleep, faster recovery, and improved athletic performance each day! The Celliant cover redirects the body’s natural energy as infrared light, which in turn helps to regulate the temperature and keep you cool throughout the night.

Bear Mattress On Ground
Bear Mattress Pillows and Headboard

Don’t neglect arguably the most critical aspect of your training and preparation. Take control of your recovery and your sleep with the Bear Mattress. It’s affordable, effective, and a great choice for athletes to dial in every aspect of their performance!

At Recovery For Athletes, we pride ourselves on choosing the best recovery products and Bear Mattress is at the top of our list. And they even offer 3 different models to choose from! Go check them all out at their website Shop Bear Mattress.

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