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Benefits of Compression Therapy For Athletes


As the physical demand of being a top athlete grows on a daily basis, the science and engineering behind preventing muscle soreness does so similarly. Basic post workout recovery methods and muscle repair techniques such as stretching and rolling are slowly becoming secondary to the brilliant new technological appliances, including Compression Therapy & Cryotherapy.


What is Compression Therapy?


Compression Therapy is the appliance of a “squeeze and release” method around the chosen muscle group to help reduce swelling and reduce secondary tissue damage. By doing this you promote rapid recovery by introducing fresh blood cells to the focus area and reduce the flow of lactic acid to make your muscles heal quicker.


What is Cryotherapy?


Similarly, to Compression therapy, Cryotherapy applies the same fundamentals of muscle soreness prevention by “squeeze and releasing” the focus area, however, applies ice water to flow around the “freeze sleeve” to prevent damaged muscle cells from taking over (sore muscles) and  promotes fresh blood cells to start the recovery process immediately. Proven to be one of the fastest ways to recover as an athlete, Cryotherapy is the ideal substitute for those without an ice bath at their disposal.


Applying it to your Training Routine


Recovering like a Pro is a necessity, not an option. With little leeway for error in the world of competitive sport, edging out the competition by even 1% is a must. Compression therapy and Cryotherapy is not only time efficient (typically treatment is 10-30 minutes), but also extremely effective. Ideally, after your training is over, your cooldown and flexibility routine should be topped off by a solid 15-20 minutes (minimum) post-workout Game Ready or Rapid Reboot compression session, by elevating the muscle group to prevent swelling and promote fresh blood cells.


For Athletes who train multiple times a day or during an intense pre-season/post-season schedule, there is no harm in investing in multiple compression therapy sessions per day, as long as there is sufficient recovery time between workouts. Ideally Cryotherapy should be a finishing touch to your daily routine, however Compression boots (e.g. Rapid Reboot) can be applied in-between workouts.


The Athletes Favorite


The leaders in Cryotherapy and Compression Therapy devices include Game Ready and Rapid Reboot, both the chosen products by top athletes and institutions around the World to help recover after exercise and prevent or heal muscle damage.


Game ReadyThe Game Ready GRPro 2.1 Cold & Compression Therapy Control Unit is currently the world leader in cold compression to enhance muscle recovery. Also used by orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists, the GRPro is the doctor’s choice to not only prevent injury but accelerate and enhance muscle recovery for patients who’ve experienced severe injury or muscle damage.


Game Ready uses patented NASA technology, to ensure full flexibility and lightweight contact when the ice water flows through the compression sleeves and covers the swollen muscle area. With an ergonomically friendly simple interface you can simply choose your temperature and mode to tailor your treatment, and at only 7.3lbs (3.3 kgs.), the Game Ready GRPro 2.1 Compression Unit is also portable.


Rapid RebootRapid Reboot are certainly innovators and have carefully engineered the ideal compression boots to provide rapid recovery to all users. Without the use of ice water, Rapid Reboot focuses on air circulation and a “squeeze and release” method to help massage the chosen muscle area and introduce fresh blood flow, reducing the influx of post workout lactic acid. Rapid Reboot provides lower body compression sleeves that also tailor the needs of those looking to help prevent muscle soreness in day to day life. Who said it had to be post workout? By spending extra time every day on a Rapid Reboot machine, you can help muscle health increase by stimulating better long-term recovery.


Our Goal


At Recovery For Athletes we aim to provide the leading technological advances to you all, by helping to enhance your ability to compete at the highest level of competition. Regardless of your goals, see more products to help tailor your lifestyle and RECOVER LIKE A PRO!


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