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Comparing Compression Therapy: RecoveryPump vs NormaTec

Comparing Compression Therapy: RecoveryPump vs NormaTec

The pneumatic compression device market has grown substantially over the past few years.

This quickly growing athletic recovery therapy has consistently been lead by two major players, RecoveryPump and NormaTec.

And whether it be compression for your legs, feet, arms, upper torso, or full-body, RecoveryPump and NormaTec both make a great range of compression therapy garments that will suit anybody’s recovery requirements.

To make choosing just the right product for your athletic recovery super easy, in this post we compare both RecoveryPump and NormaTec products side by side. As well as, highlight some of the awesome benefits of compression therapy and why you should definitely be incorporating this technique into your athletic recovery.

Let’s take a look.

A Recovery Method Backed by Science

The jump in compression therapy popularity is not only due to the fact it produces excellent athletic recovery results but also because this therapeutic treatment is conclusively backed by science.

Research shows intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) therapy not only increases blood flow to treated areas but also assists lymphatic system function and soft tissue healing.

These therapeutic benefits help reduce edema, an accumulation of protein that can lead to the development of scar tissue, stimulates the production of nitric oxide, a beneficial substance produced by endothelial cells that assist with enhanced blood flow, while also reducing inflammation, limiting oxidative tissue damage, and restoring normal capillary blood flow.

RecoveryPump vs NormaTec

To administer these amazing therapeutic benefits, RecoveryPump and NormaTec manufacture a variety of different compression sleeves for different areas of the body. So no matter what your sporting discipline, you can rest assured both RecoveryPump and NormaTec make a compression sleeve that best suits your specific athletic needs.

Here are the best RecoveryPump and NormaTec compression therapy products that we both know and trust.

RecoveryPump’s RPX System vs NormaTec’s Pulse 2.0

RecoveryPump’s RPX System vs NormaTec’s Pulse 2.0

First up, two complete systems by both RecoveryPump and NormaTec. These systems include the inflation control device that is required to control and inflate all corresponding attachments with an included set of leg attachments.

Here’s how they compare to one another:

RecoveryPump RPX System NormaTec Pulse
Adjustable 20-100mmHg pressure range Adjustable 30-110mmHg pressure range
3-5 hours of battery life Approximately 2-hour lithium-ion battery life
Manufactured from durable nylon Made from durable nylon
Integrated treatment timer and continuous therapy modes with hold times of 0,5, and 10 seconds Customizable pressure, time, and zone settings
Compatible with RecoveryPump’s RecoveryBoots, Mini boots, RecoveryArm, and RecoveryCore Compatible with NormaTec’s Arm Recovery, Leg and Hip Recovery, Leg and Arm Recovery, and Full Body Recovery
Leg attachments come in five different sizes ensuring a comfortable fit for athletes of any height Leg attachments come in three sizes fitting to fit athletes of all heights
RecoveryPump app available for both Apple iOS and the Google Playstore NormaTec app available for both Apple iOS and the Google Playstore
2-year warranty on all components 2-year warranty on all components

RecoveryPump Compression Shorts vs NormaTec Hip Attachment

RecoveryPump Compression Shorts vs NormaTec Hip Attachment

Both RecoveryPump’s Compression Shorts and NormaTec’s Hip Attachment are additional garments that are compatible with each brands’ corresponding inflation control device.

These garments are very straightforward to set up, simply take the corresponding inflation unit’s cables and attach them to the top of the Compression Short’s or Hip Attachment’s inflation ports located at the top of each garment.

Both garments target athlete’s hip flexors, lower back, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and abductors, perfect for runners, cyclists, swimmers, powerlifters, and any other sporting discipline that is particularly dependent on heavy leg work.

RecoveryPump Compression Shorts vs NormaTec Hip Attachment

A great option for athletes that require upper-body compression, RecoveryPump’s RecoveryArms or NormaTec’s Arm Attachment Pair. Both sets of garments attach just like the hip garments, through the inflation unit’s cables.

These upper-body garments help flush that painful lactic acid from the arms while also encouraging fresh blood flow to targeted areas.

Both units target the front and rear deltoids, biceps, triceps, as well as forearm muscles, for a complete therapeutic compression helping reduce soreness, swelling, as well as speed up recovery.

RecoveryPump and NormaTec Pros and Cons

Both RecoveryPump and NormaTec have advantages and disadvantages that may affect your final purchasing decision. Here are the main ones for your reference:

RecoveryPump Pros and Cons


  • Easy to operate and straightforward to attach different compression garments
  • Five different sizes that suit athletes that are from 5’-6’6” and taller
  • Wide range of pressure from 20-100mmHg
  • Compression flows from extremities towards the heart, filling one chamber at a time
  • Great battery life, between 6-8 hours of operation depending on the chosen pressure setting


  • Limited treatment options
  • Slightly loud while under operation

NormaTec Pro and Cons


  • Simple to use and super easy to attach different compression garments
  • A wide variation of pressure from 30-110mmHg


  • No individual chambers, garments fill as one with no flushing motion like RecoveryPump’s Lite System
  • Only three sizing options, suiting athletes between 5’3”-6’4” and taller
  • Only 2-hours of battery life

Final Thoughts

When choosing the correct compression therapy unit for you, it can be rather confusing and a little daunting at first. But hopefully, this article has brought you that little bit closer to finding just the right one for you.

If you feel RecoveryPump is your best option, check out our awesome RecoveryPump products below.

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