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Rapid Release Therapy Pro3 Vibration Massager Review

Rapid Release Therapy Pro3 Vibration Massager Review

Vibration massagers are becoming more and more popular among athletes and those that regularly push their body’s to the limit. Vibration therapy stimulates soft tissue by sending vibrations travel through the body, releasing muscle tension, reducing stress, and improving blood circulation.

In this post, we’ll break down one of the best vibration massagers currently on the market, the Rapid Release Therapy Pro3. We’ll also explain the difference between percussion and vibration massagers - that way, you can make the right choice for your athletic recovery.

Vibration vs Percussion Massagers

There are two main types of massage techniques: vibration and percussion.

Vibration massagers use vibrating movements to stimulate and relax the body. Users self administer vibration therapy with the use of a handheld device that sends vibrations through a targeted area. Vibration therapy contacts the skin and stimulates the surface of the body, creating a widespread experience across a large area.

Percussion massagers work similarly to vibration massagers, although percussive therapy administers treatment deeper into the body. This results in a more targeted experience, percussion massagers focusing on a single area more than a generalized area common with vibration therapy.

Rapid Release Therapy Pro3 Features

Rapid Release Therapy Pro3 Features

Intensity Settings

The Rapid Release Therapy Pro3 Vibration Massager relieves soft-tissue pain and tightness in as little as 2 minutes. It has various vibration speeds and 5 treatment surfaces of varying sizes, which allow you to target your massages on specific muscle groups.

Treatment Surfaces

The Pro3’s treatment surfaces don’t require the user to change attachments, eliminating the hassle of swapping out or misplacing massage heads.

The five treatment surfaces include:

  1. Soft tip - for use over sensitive areas.
  2. Actuator tip - perfect for acupoints, trigger points, and smaller muscle groups.
  3. Treatment cap - great for use over extensive areas or for gentle massages.
  4. Power band - excellent for particularly sore areas and large muscle groups.
  5. Large tip - for general use or to relieve sensitive trigger points.

Targeted Relief

The Rapid Release Therapy Pro3 Vibration Massager can be used on the back, legs, arms, and neck muscles. The Rapid Release Therapy Pro3 Vibration Massager's 150 strokes per second and, when combined with its deep tissue massage, offer athletes targeted relief after only a few minutes of use.

Heavy-Duty, Professional Design

The Pro3 is built to last with high-quality, industrial-grade materials, and features a powerful motor that delivers deep, effective vibration massage for faster, more effective results. It features an industrial strength design and is meticulously engineered for long life and heavy-duty professional use. Plus, it is a portable solution that is easy to use and perfect for the business or athletic traveler.

Improved Recovery

As a highly effective treatment for muscle pain, the Rapid Release Therapy Pro3 Vibration Massager has been used by athletes and weekend warriors alike to ease the pain and soreness associated with intense training. The Rapid Release Therapy Pro3 Vibration Massager increases the blood circulation and stimulates the muscles with various vibration modes. The different vibration modes have suited the user's pain or fatigue level and can be used both before and after sport or exercise.

Designed by Real Medical Practitioners

The Rapid Release Therapy Pro3 Vibration Massager is a non-invasive therapy tool designed by chiropractor Dr. Stanley Stanbridge that releases muscle pain and stiffness through targeted, high-speed vibrational therapy, combining effectively delivered strokes at high frequency to deliver fast relief when it’s needed most.

Lightweight and Portable Design

The Rapid Release Therapy Pro3 Vibration Massager is lightweight and portable, making it easy for you to take the massager with you on the go. This makes the Pro3 perfect for achieving effective athletic recovery easy while either on the road or from the comfort of your home.

Key Specs

Key Specs
  • Power Supply: Cordless powered by 2 Rapid Therapy’s Juvenate Batteries
  • Treatment Surfaces: 5 inbuilt massagers, including a soft tip, actuator tip, treatment cap, power band, and large tip
  • Intensity Settings: 150 strokes per second
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Heavy duty motors for effective vibration therapy
  • Comes fully equipped with a storage bag and charger
  • Delivers strokes 3-5x faster than percussion massagers
  • Lightweight, compact, easy to store, and transport
  • Proven to help relieve muscle spasms, tension, and stress
  • Approved as a FDA Class 1 medical device


  • Vibration therapy doesn’t penetrate as deeply into the tissue as percussion therapy

Final Thoughts

Whether you're recovering from an intense workout, seeking relief from chronic pain, or simply want to enjoy a great massage, the Rapid Release Therapy Pro3 is the vibration massager for you.

If you are interested in learning more about the Rapid Release Therapy Pro3, or any other industry-leading massagers, then why not check out our full range of massage tools and accessories available to you via free and fast shipping, here.

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