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A Comprehensive Guide to Saunum Sauna Heaters

Saunum Comparison Guide

Transform your sauna with Saunum's balanced and luxurious heat solutions.
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Founded in 2014, Saunum is an Estonian-based company dedicated to revolutionizing the sauna experience by addressing a common issue: uneven sauna temperatures. We've all experienced the frustration of a sauna where the temperature isn't consistent—your head feels too hot, your back just right, and your feet are cold. This uneven heat distribution can significantly detract from the relaxation and health benefits that saunas are meant to provide.

Saunum solves this problem with its innovative air-blending technology. This patented system takes in hot air from the upper levels and cooler air from the lower levels of the room, mixing them to release perfectly balanced heat with oxygen-enriched steam. This ensures an optimal temperature throughout the sauna, providing a warming experience from head to toe while making it easier to breathe.

Saunum's heaters are suitable for both commercial and private settings and are compatible with traditional and infrared saunas. Additionally, the Saunum Base offers advanced climate control for both wood-burning and electric saunas, providing consistent steam and gentle heat that enhances skin rejuvenation, respiratory function, and cardiovascular health. The inclusion of Himalayan salt balls in some models adds an extra layer of wellness benefits.

Saunum's Product Offerings

Saunum offers a range of products designed to cater to various sauna preferences and styles. From the modern AirCube series to the classic designs, each product is crafted for maximum durability and year-round use. Saunum also provides control panels for customizing your sauna experience and wellness add-on kits with soothing sauna oils and other accessories to enhance your relaxation.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Saunum Heaters

  • Power Rating: Saunum heaters come in various power ratings, from 4.8 kW to 9.6 kW, suitable for different sauna sizes and heating intensities.
  • Technology: Ensure the heater comes with a climate equalizer and air-blending system for even heat distribution.
  • Compatibility: Check compatibility with your existing sauna setup, whether traditional Finnish, infrared, or other types.
  • Noise Level: Choose a model with quiet operation to maintain the serene environment of your sauna.
  • Add-Ons: Consider additional features like the AIRIQ Wifi module for remote control and wellness kits with Himalayan salt balls.

Detailed Comparison of Saunum Sauna Heaters

1. Saunum AIR 5 Sauna Heater

Overview: The Saunum AIR 5 is designed for smaller saunas, offering efficient heat distribution in a compact package. It integrates seamlessly into any sauna setting with its sleek design.

Key Features:

  • Power Output: Suitable for small sauna spaces.
  • Design: Compact and modern.
  • Air Mixing Technology: Provides balanced heat and improved air circulation.
  • Temperature Control: Easy to use and precise.
  • Installation: Options for wall-mounted or floor-standing.

Detailed Analysis: The AIR 5 is perfect for home saunas where space is limited but performance is still a priority. Its compact design ensures it fits neatly into smaller rooms while providing consistent and comfortable heat. The advanced air mixing technology helps eliminate the common issue of hot heads and cold feet, creating a more enjoyable sauna experience.

2. Saunum AIR 7 Sauna Heater

Overview: Building on the features of the AIR 5, the Saunum AIR 7 offers more power, making it suitable for medium-sized saunas. It maintains a compact form while delivering robust performance.

Key Features:

  • Power Output: Ideal for medium-sized saunas.
  • Design: Sleek and space-saving.
  • Air Mixing Technology: Enhanced for better heat distribution.
  • Temperature Control: User-friendly interface.
  • Installation: Flexible installation options.

Detailed Analysis: The AIR 7 is a step up from the AIR 5, designed for slightly larger saunas. Its increased power output means it can heat a larger space more efficiently, making it ideal for medium-sized home saunas. The air mixing technology ensures even heat distribution, so every part of the sauna is comfortable.

3. Saunum AIR 10 Sauna Heater

Overview: The Saunum AIR 10 is designed for larger sauna spaces, offering increased power and enhanced features to ensure optimal performance and comfort.

Key Features:

  • Power Output: High output for large saunas.
  • Design: Modern and elegant.
  • Air Mixing Technology: Superior air mixing capabilities.
  • Temperature Control: Intuitive control panel.
  • Installation: Can be wall-mounted or floor-standing.

Detailed Analysis: With its high power output, the AIR 10 is suitable for large saunas that require more intense heating. Its modern design makes it a stylish addition to any sauna, while the advanced air mixing technology ensures that the entire space is evenly heated. The intuitive control panel makes it easy to adjust settings for the perfect sauna experience.

4. Saunum AIR L 10 Sauna Heater

Overview: The Saunum AIR L 10 offers additional luxury features and a larger heating capacity, making it ideal for premium sauna experiences.

Key Features:

  • Power Output: Enhanced for larger sauna rooms.
  • Design: Luxurious and modern.
  • Air Mixing Technology: Advanced air mixing for superior climate control.
  • Temperature Control: High-precision controls.
  • Installation: Versatile installation options.

Detailed Analysis: The AIR L 10 combines high power with luxurious features, making it perfect for those who want the best of both worlds. Its larger heating capacity means it can handle bigger sauna rooms with ease, while the advanced air mixing technology ensures a comfortable and even temperature throughout.

5. Saunum AIR L 13 Sauna Heater

Overview: The Saunum AIR L 13 offers even greater heating power and advanced features, designed for very large sauna spaces or commercial use.

Key Features:

  • Power Output: Extremely high output for large to very large saunas.
  • Design: Premium design with luxury finishes.
  • Air Mixing Technology: State-of-the-art air mixing for perfect climate.
  • Temperature Control: Highly precise and customizable.
  • Installation: Multiple installation options.

Detailed Analysis: The AIR L 13 is designed for very large saunas, including commercial installations. Its extremely high power output ensures that even the largest spaces are heated efficiently. The luxurious design and advanced features make it a top choice for those who want the ultimate sauna experience.

6. Saunum AIR L 15 Sauna Heater

Overview: The Saunum AIR L 15 is the pinnacle of the Saunum range, offering maximum power and the most advanced features for the ultimate sauna experience.

Key Features:

  • Power Output: Maximum output for the largest saunas.
  • Design: Ultra-luxurious and stylish.
  • Air Mixing Technology: Industry-leading air mixing capabilities.
  • Temperature Control: Cutting-edge control system.
  • Installation: Customizable installation options.

Detailed Analysis: The AIR L 15 is the most powerful and luxurious model in the Saunum range. It's designed for the largest sauna spaces and offers the best in terms of performance and features. Its advanced air mixing technology ensures a perfectly balanced temperature, while the cutting-edge control system allows for precise adjustments. This model is ideal for those who demand the very best.


Choosing the right Saunum sauna heater depends on your specific needs and the size of your sauna. Whether you need a compact solution like the AIR 5, a mid-range option like the AIR 7 or AIR 10, or a powerful, luxurious heater like the AIR L 10, AIR L 13, or AIR L 15, Saunum has a model that fits your requirements perfectly. Each model offers advanced air mixing technology, precise temperature control, and flexible installation options, ensuring a superior sauna experience every time.

Explore the range of Saunum sauna heaters and transform your sauna sessions into a perfectly balanced, relaxing retreat.