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Airofit Active Breathing Trainer

by Airofit
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Airofit Active Breathing Trainer

Simple and effective.

If you want to improve your health, overall well-being, and physical performance through guided fundamental breathing exercises, Airofit Active is the perfect tool for you!

Airofit Active is a simplified version of our Airofit PRO breathing trainer.


  • Guided training sessions
  • Adjustable resistance levels
  • See historic training data
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

More Features

We train your breathing muscles: the diaphragm and intercostals

Just like any other muscle group, your breathing muscles respond to resistance training – and that is exactly what Airofit does. It’s like taking your diaphragm to the gym.

As the diaphragm is a large, but thin muscle, you can train it rather easily – just 5-10 minutes daily is enough for it to become faster, stronger and more efficient.

As you start training the diaphragm, you can breathe deeper as your lungs get more room to expand, your breathing rate decreases, and so does your heart rate.

Guided training sessions

Airofit Active introduces you to specific breathing patterns that focus on different goals, like relaxation, general well-being or sports performance.

These breathing patterns have been developed in collaboration with thought leaders across various fields – medical doctors, performance coaches, physiotherapists and even Olympians.

Activity history

As you complete your breathing training sessions, Airofit Active will keep track of your training history and try to help you with staying consistent.

When it comes to breathing training, consistency is key. As the diaphragm is a large, but thin muscle, you can train it really easily – just 5-10 minutes daily is enough for it to become faster, stronger and more efficient. However, if you stop training, the gained effects will begin to disappear. Stay consistent!

Airofit Active Breathing Trainer

Comparison Guide


Airofit Pro 2.0

Airofit Active

Airofit Pro 2.0 Airofit Active
Hardware features
Adjustable resistance levels
Removable and washable mouthpiece
Splash (saliva) resistant
Removable electronic smart unit
Bluetooth connectivity with Airofit app
Charging cable
Battery life (4-7 days) No battery
Airofit mobile app features
Training levels 3 levels: Beginner, intermediate and expert 3 levels: Beginner, intermediate and expert
Select a focus area within sport or well-being
Lung function measurement
Data-driven personalized daily training plan
Breathing exercises 17 breathing exercises 6 breathing exercises
Breathing instructions & feedback Interactive guidance & data-driven feedback Pre-defined guidance, no feedback
Training history overview Advanced Simple
Improvement tracking
Daily reminder and notifications
App languages 13 languages 13 languages
Premium membership available