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Jacobs Ladder 2

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Jacobs Ladder 2 Machine

Jacobs Ladder 2 is a piece of home fitness equipment designed to bring the power of a full gym to residences and small footprint areas.

However, it has the same drive train as Jacobs Ladder so, it is just as durable. There are four differences between Jacobs Ladder and Jacobs Ladder 2:

  • Different rung design (maple rung versus polyurethane)
  • Power requirement (self-powered versus 110/220V)
  • Width (31.25” vs 27.25”)
  • Warranty (4 Year Parts/1 Year Labor vs 2 Year Parts)

Jacobs Ladder 2

Jacobs Ladder 2 Exercise Machine Specs

  • Frame: Welded Tubular Steel
  • Width: 27.25”
  • Length: 76”
  • Height: 65.5”
  • Weight: 300 lbs
  • Rungs: Steel Tube with Polyurethane Sleeve
  • Case: ABS/Polyethylene
  • Power: 110 V (220 V available upon request)
  • Ceiling Height: 7.5 Feet
  • Digital Readouts: Elapsed Time, Feet Climbed, Rate (Feet/Min), Calorie Burn, Heart Rate (using chest strap)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 29” x 77.5” x 71”, 407 lbs
  • Shipping Density: 4.407 lbs/ft3

Jacobs Ladder 2 Exercise Machine Features

Jacobs Ladder 2 is designed for compact and home gyms, offering a smaller footprint but a full-sized workout.

Your Satisfaction with Jacobs Ladder is Guaranteed:

  • 2- Year Warranty on Parts
  • Free Shipping & No Sales Tax in the U.S.
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