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PureClean BEET’UMS™

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Elevate Your Cardiovascular Health and Performance



BEET’UMS™ combines a specially-processed beet juice powder and a proprietary superfood blend for the ultimate nitric oxide boost! Consuming its performance-enhancing ingredients in a chew extends their time in the mouth, which improves intra-cellular oxygen delivery for increased strength, energy, and endurance.

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A Deliciously Clever Invention

  • A VERY SMART CHEW: Consuming BEET'UMS's™ health and performance-enhancing ingredients in a chew extends their time in the mouth for (1) super boosting your body's production of nitric oxide and (2) elevating intra-cellular oxygen delivery for increased strength, cardiovascular benefits, and stamina
  • BOTANCIALLY & SUPERFOOD ENHANCED: Research has shown Careflow™ Mango Powder to be beneficial for heart health, metabolism, and energy. As if BEET'UMS™ wasn't already impressive enough, it's also synergized with nutrient-dense superfoods for supporting a wide variety of health and fitness goals
  • PROVEN QUALITY & RESEARCH-BACKED: This honest-to-goodness formula is 100% free from fillers, additives, and any genetically-modified or potentially-unsafe ingredients. No caffeine or side-effects, either


A Powerful, Proprietary Formulation

  • REALLY DELICIOUS: BEET’UMS™ are manufactured for taste, consistency, and efficacy by professional chocolatiers. The combo of cocoa butter, cocoa flavonoids, and a pomegranate extract works magically together for a
  • delicious health and performance boost, or snack
  • BEET BOOSTED: BEET'UMS™ are made from high nitric oxide beets that are juiced, fermented, and then dried into a powder at low temperature. They provide four times stronger cardio-respiratory benefits than regular beets
  • BOOST ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Each chew is individually packaged for both convenience and freshness. Take one or two before a workout, as a on-the-go snack, and when hiking, biking, swimming, or on a long-haul effort to replenish energy.

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The ingredients:

Flavored with a delectable blend of concentrated beet juice powder, cocoa flavonoids, and pomegranate extract, 100% Organic Beet Juice Powder, ArteriO2™ Beet Juice Crystals, BetaDefend® Betalains

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