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Reathlete DRINQ Half-Gallon Water Bottle

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Reathlete DRINQ Half-Gallon Water Bottle

Staying hydrated made handy!

Get all your daily water in one handy bottle that’s fully food-grade and BPA/BPS-free. The volume is tailored to help you stay hydrated, even when it’s hot and you’re physically active. You’ll know precisely when to take another sip. The schedule on the side of the bottle helps you keep track of your water intake hour by hour and rule out dehydration.

This bottle will be with you throughout the day, so you want it tidy and its lid fully watertight and impervious to dust. The lid makes the bottle easy to carry around and nice to drink from. The straw makes it safer and more convenient for you to drink from this big bottle. You won’t have to tilt the bottle! It’s particularly handy when you’re exercising or multitasking.

Exercise makes you lose body water, and even before you notice that you’re thirsty, you can end up dehydrated. That’s why you need to drink more water when working out, and DRINQ is a perfectly handy solution to having access to your full normal daily intake. As you’re running errands, especially in hot weather, you may forget to drink as much water as your body needs. That’s why dehydration, with its nasty symptoms of dizziness, tiredness, and headache, is sadly common. Avoid it by replenishing water promptly.

Reathlete DRINQ Half-Gallon Water Bottle

More Features

  • 3 Pockets - The bigger pocket is for your smartphone and other small items, like credit cards. The smaller mesh pocket is perfect for earbuds. And the third one, with the carabiner, is for the keys. So handy!
  • Adjustable Straps - You can choose to remove the strap altogether, but you can also play with it and wear it on your shoulder or both shoulders as a backpack. Adjust the length to your body for proper weight distribution.
  • 4 Colors - Choose the one that fits your style or just your mood for the day: classic black (unfailing and universal), pure white (breezy), fearless pink (bold), or trendy gray (calm and business-like).
  • Thermal Sleeve - The sleeve has a neat temperature control function on top of enabling you to carry the bottle itself conveniently and to carry some extra things with it. Add some ice, and your water will stay cool for longer.