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ReAthlete UPHEAT Weighted Pad

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ReAthlete UPHEAT Weighted Pad

A general-use weighted heating pad fitting any area of your body with 14 jade stones and clay beads to deliver profound heat therapy treatment

  • Circulation improvement
  • Muscle recovery
  • Pain relief
  • Stress reduction

Features & Benefits

  • Heals the muscles - If your muscles feel sore - after a workout or simply after a long day of work - use heat therapy to get rid of the discomfort
  • Alleviates pain - Heat is an ancient, famous, and highly effective remedy for various types of aches in different regions of your body
  • Relieves stress - The weighted pad delivers pleasant pressure and consistent heat: a combination that induces the feelings of comfort and tranquility
  • Increases blood flow - As your tissues heat up, the blood vessels widen, so more blood flows to the heated area, promoting recovery
  • Portable - The general-use weighted heating pad comes with a power bank that it will run on for five to eight hours depending on the chosen intensity
  • Versatile - Shaped to work as a universal device, the pad can be applied virtually to any area of your body, and you can move it during a single session as well
  • Moist Mode - For a wider range of massage experiences, try out the moist mode: spray some water on the underside and explore the new sensations
  • Powerful - The pad generates deep-reaching far infrared (FIR) heat that is further accumulated and intensified by 14 jade stones and clay beads
  • Unique Wire - Instead of being wired with metal, the pad features composite fiber wiring that makes it resistant to folding and enables even and quickly generated heat


  • What’s Inside: Weighted general-use heating pad; Charging cable; Power bank; User manual; Travel and storage bag
  • 14 Jade Stones and Clay Beads: Help heat penetrate deeper
  • Material: Ultra soft minky fabric
  • Machine Washable: Without the power bank ≤ 80 °F / 30 °C (cold), gentle cycle Recommended to wash by hand
  • Heat Source: Far infrared (FIR)
  • 3 Levels: Low: 86° F to 104° F (30° C to 40° C), Medium: 104° F to 122° F (40° C to 50° C), High: 122° F to 140° F (50° C to 60° C)
  • Dimensions: 22.5″ × 12″ × 0.7″ / 57 cm × 30 cm × 2 cm
  • Power Bank: 108 mm × 74 mm × 28 mm 13500 mAh 12V/2A Type-C: 5V/3A 9V/2A USB: 5V/2.4
  • Charging Time: 3 to 6 hours