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Keiser M3 vs Keiser M3i

Which Indoor Spin Bike Should I Buy? The Keiser M3 or the Keiser M3i

With indoor home fitness equipment interest being at an all time high, we have been fortunate enough to be able to provide our customers with the best indoor spin bikes in the world, Keiser. With that being said, there are two Keiser Spin bikes on the market and one of the main questions that we receive daily from customers is, “What is the difference between the Keiser M3 and the Keiser M3i?”

Our job at Recovery for Athletes is to provide our customers with answers based off of hands on experience with all of our products. We are a team of professional athletes and we only want to give correct and accurate answers to our customers.

From a features standpoint there are two key differences between the two models.

First, the handlebars. The Keiser M3i features advanced butterfly style handlebars which are more ergonomically correct and allow for a greater range in hand positions.

The M3i also features not only the vertical handlebar adjustment but it also has the fore/aft independent handlebar adjustment that allows a greater user height range from 4’10 - 7’ tall.

On the Keiser M3, the handlebars are a standard open face and can only be adjusted vertically.

Keiser M3 and M3i Handlebars

The second, and probably greatest feature of the M3i is the ‘i” aspect of it which stands for intelligence.

Both the M3 and M3i have the same console that tracks RPM, Watts, Heart Rate, Miles, Gears, and Time. However, under the cover, the M3i features a bluetooth enabled console that allows the user to connect the bike to their smart device and track their progress and stats through their favorite fitness app.

The M3i also comes standard with the media tray to allow users to place their tablet or smartphone on it and stream their favorite training videos or entertainment.

Riding the M3i also gives you the ability to add the Keiser M-Series converter in which you can now take on all new terrain indoor cycling workouts by enabling in-home riders to connect to the road virtually with cycling.

The M Series Converter connects Keiser’s M3i Bluetooth Smart technology into standard Power Profile data for use with apps designed for indoor trainers such as Zwift, Peloton, Sufferfest, PainCave, Rouvy, Fulgaz, and many more.

This feature provides additional multi-level applications and exercise programs that mimic the feel and intensity of road cycling all from the comfort of your home.

Keiser M3

Height: 44"

Width: 26"

Length: 51"

Weight: 87lbs.



As low as $108/mo with Affirm. 0% APR options available

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Keiser M3i

Height: 49"

Width: 26"

Length: 51"

Weight: 92lbs.

Includes heart rate monitor and floor mat


As low as $120/mo with Affirm. 0% APR options available

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The good news is that you cannot go wrong with either Keiser Bike model as you are getting a quality, made in the USA bike that features an incredibly lightweight flywheel, 10 year warranty, and is compiled of features that all of the top professional cyclists are training with on a daily basis.

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