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Rapid Reboot vs NormaTec

Rapid Reboot vs NormaTec, the Science and the Benefits

If you are reading this, then you are most likely deciding whether Rapid Reboot or NormaTec is the better pneumatic compression recovery system for you. As far as compression therapy goes to enhance muscle recovery you cannot go wrong with either Rapid Reboot or NormaTec. Both of these companies remain at the pinnacle of engineering and have both dedicated their lives to helping athletes recover faster. By enhancing blood flow and flushing out toxins, both the NormaTec and Rapid Reboot systems will have you feeling fresh on and off the field.

Our team at Recovery for Athletes is composed of professional athletes who have tried and tested both Rapid Reboot and NormaTec devices. We truly want our customers to pick the best option for their daily routines so we are happy to provide some insight into both of these amazing products.

Rapid Reboot vs NormaTec

The Science

As the science into sports recovery equipment and rehabilitation tools skyrockets through the ceiling, both Rapid Reboot and NormaTec founders are creating and innovating fresh ways to making your body a better engine. Both of the products are pneumatic compression devices which means they consist of an inflatable garment for the arm, leg, trunk, or chest and an electrical pneumatic pump that fills each chamber in the garment with compressed air. The garment is intermittently inflated and deflated with cycle times and pressures that vary between devices. While they both technically do the same thing in regards to pneumatic compression therapy, their technologies are a bit different and we will highlight the differences below.

The Benefits of the Rapid Reboot Compression Therapy System

Rapid Reboot compression therapy has taken the athletic recovery market by storm and is one of the most desirable recovery tools around. At a lower price than the NormaTec (ranging from $1,120-$1620) the Rapid Reboot unit is definitely more affordable. In regards to specific technology, Rapid Reboot has faster inflation and deflation rates which makes the therapy feel more like a massage rather than a slow gradual flush. There are two different modes that you can choose from, sectional and flush. The sectional mode will inflate and deflate fully allowing maximum blood flow to enter and exit. Flush Mode will keep all of the chambers inflated the whole time and then apply more pressure to each individual chamber to really help remove sore/achy muscles. Weighing at 5.8 lbs., you can pick and choose your chosen recovery package and select a variation of compression sleeves to target your muscle group. You can choose from legs, hips, and arm attachments so you will have the full body covered. Some important features to highlight compared to the NormaTec are that with Rapid Reboot you will have a larger range of pressure options. Rapid Reboot will go up to 200 mm/hg compared to 110 mm/hg in NormaTec. One of the features that we would have liked to see with Rapid Reboot is a portable option. Right now you have to have access to a power outlet to use the Rapid Reboot.

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The Benefits of the Normatec Compression Therapy System

Compared to Rapid Reboot, The NormaTec Pulse System does have a higher price tag, however, that number comes with a couple of perks. With a 27% more portable unit (3.5 lbs.), the NormaTec Pulse 2.0 is the newly upgraded, lithium-ion battery-powered unit that all athletes and users can take on the road or keep at home. The NormaTec Pulse 2.0 unit features 3 different key compression techniques including pulsing, distal release and gradients. The pulsing technique, rather than generic rolling compression treatment, creates a muscle pumping action to mimic the body’s natural responses to attacking damaged fibers. Meanwhile, the gradient and distal release aspects keep blood flow from heading in the wrong direction (“backflow”) allowing each segment of your targeted limb to gain maximum recovery without pausing between compression cycles. With a pressure setting of 110 mm/hg, NormaTec does have less pressure, but the ability to run it off a portable battery can definitely be a nice touch.

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Who Benefits?

From Canadian League skaters, UFC fighters, Iron Man contenders, NFL players, and NBA superstars, both NormaTec and Rapid Reboot have taken over athletic training facilities and physio rooms to help athletes swing buy and get 20-30 minutes of compression therapy before pursuing their next challenge. If you’re a physiotherapist, a rehab specialist or a strength and conditioning coach, both the NormaTec Pulse 2.0 and the Rapid Reboot Recovery Unit should be on your athletes’ next Christmas list. As Indiana Pacers’ star Myles Turner explains,

“Rapid Reboot has played a tremendous role in my physical stability throughout the season. Being able to use it in the comfort of my home post-game has been amazing for me.”

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