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King Kool vs. Plunge: In-Depth Comparison of Cold Plunge Pools

Comparing Cold Plunges: King Kool vs Plunge

We put two of the top col plunge system on the market head-to-head.

When it comes to post-workout recovery, the benefits of cold therapy are hard to ignore. With a myriad of positive effects such as reduced inflammation, improved sleep, and quicker muscle recovery, more and more athletes are incorporating cold plunge pools into their routines. Today, we take a close look at two popular brands: King Kool and Plunge. Let’s dive into the specifics to help you make an informed decision.

About King Kool

King Kool is known for their high-quality cold plunge pools. The company offers pools in three different sizes: standard, large, and extra-large. Each pool features an integrated hose connection for easy filling and draining. King Kool pools can reach temperatures as low as 39°F, providing an ideal environment for cold therapy.

Key Features of King Kool

  • Heating Element: For an additional cost, King Kool offers an anti-freeze heating element that can prevent the pool from freezing in harsh winter conditions. It also doubles as a hot tub feature.
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speakers: This optional feature enhances your cold plunge experience by allowing you to listen to music or podcasts during your session.
  • Grab Rails: For safety and ease of use, King Kool offers grab rails that provide extra stability when getting in and out of the pool.
  • LED Light: You can add a color-changing LED light to elevate your cold immersion experience.

About Plunge

Plunge is another industry leader when it comes to cold plunge pools. Their pool is designed with a powerful cooling system, advanced filtration, and ozone sanitation to provide clean, cold water at all times. Plunge pools can also reach temperatures as low as 39°F.

Key Features of Plunge

  • Freezedom™ Technology: This unique technology ensures powerful cooling and clean water on demand.
  • 20-Micron Filter: This feature filters out hair, skin cells, and other debris to maintain water quality.
  • Ozone Sanitation: A highly effective way to kill unwanted microorganisms and improve water color and odor.
  • Underwater Light: For those who enjoy a nighttime plunge, the underwater light provides easy visibility.

Comparison: King Kool vs. Plunge

Both King Kool and Plunge offer high-quality, durable cold plunge pools with a variety of features. However, there are a few key differences to note when deciding which one is best for your needs.


Both brands offer the ability to reach temperatures as low as 39°F. However, King Kool offers an optional heating element to prevent the pool from freezing during winter or to use it as a hot tub.

Filtration and Sanitation

While King Kool relies on top-of-the-line ozone, pump filter, and inline filter to maintain water clarity and cleanliness, Plunge offers a 20-micron filter, circular filtration for constant water circulation, and ozone sanitation.

Additional Features

King Kool offers a number of optional add-ons such as a heating element, built-in Bluetooth speakers, grab rails, and an LED light. Plunge, on the other hand, includes a built-in underwater light and a 20-micron filter. However, Plunge does not offer the option for built-in speakers or a heating element.

Price and Financing

King Kool plunge pools start at a regular price of $8,699.00 USD, but currently have a sale price of $6,699.00 USD. On the other hand, Plunge offers a financing plan of $139 per month until you own it.


Both King Kool and Plunge provide excellent cold plunge pool options for athletes looking to incorporate cold therapy into their recovery routines. Your choice between the two will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Remember to consider factors such as additional features, filtration systems, temperature control, and price when making your decision.

King Kool vs. Plunge: Detailed Comparison Chart

King Kool vs. Plunge: Detailed Comparison Chart

Features King Kool Plunge
Temperature Range Down to 39°F (Optional Heating Element) Down to 39°F
Filtration & Sanitation Ozone, Pump Filter, and Inline Filter 20-Micron Filter, Circular Filtration, Ozone Sanitation
Built-in Bluetooth Speakers Available Not Available
Grab Rails Available Not Available
LED Light Available Built-in Underwater Light
Price $6,699.00 USD (Sale Price) $4990 USD