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Reviewed: The Newly Launched Rapid Reboot Regen And Genesis

Reviewed: The Newly Launched Rapid Reboot Regen And Genesis

They’re finally here.

The brand new Regen and Genesis systems from Rapid Reboot have been launched and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Rapid Reboot makes some of the best, if not the best, compression therapy products that can currently be found on the market.

And to our great delight, we were lucky enough to get our hands on these two exciting new control units.

In this post, we share our thoughts on Rapid Reboots Regen and Genesis as well as outline all their need-to-know specs and details.

Rapid Reboot Regen And Genesis Reviewed

Here’s what we thought of Rapid Reboot’s brand new recovery systems, the Regen and Genesis.

Rapid Reboot Regen

Rapid Reboot Regen

The dawn of Rapid Reboot’s new generation of compression control units is here and the Regen is at the forefront of this new athletic recovery technology.

So what’s new?

Well, there have been many upgrades from the Rapid Reboot Classic, but perhaps the two most notable upgrades are the move to Bluetooth compatibility and the ability to go completely remote with the addition of isolated battery power.

With the upgrade to Bluetooth, the Regen has the ability to be connected to Rapid Reboot’s Pro+ app quickly and seamlessly. The Pro+ app not only controls the Regen unit but also has the ability to store an unlimited number of recovery programs and athlete usage data.

And now, through a new battery, the Regen has four hours of battery life up its sleeve, meaning compression therapy can be administered on the go or while out on the track or field.

The Rapid Reboot Regen is also capable of inflating to 20 different pressure levels, ranging from 0-200mmHg through slight increases of 10mmHg increments. These pressure levels are controlled through 4 different modes, simply termed A, B, C, or D. Athletes can then select how long they desire a recovery session to be, anywhere between 1-179 minutes.

The Regen also possesses features to turn on and off customized chamber holds, cycle speeds, and cycle rests. And, a first of its kind, the Regen contains a feature termed Rapid Deflate, allowing speedy deflation of compression wraps for quick and easy storage.

And to add to the quality of the Regen, the unit has been manufactured from polycarbonates, ABS, TPU, and chemically enhanced glass to ensure it’s well up to the task of delivering and sustaining long recovery sessions while at home or on the road.

The Rapid Reboot Regen’s features include:

  • 4 modes (A,B,C,D)
  • Rapid Deflate
  • Chamber control
  • Chamber hold control
  • Cycle rest control
  • Cycle speed control
  • Attachment indicator
  • Live status indicator
  • Power saving mode

Rapid Reboot Genesis

Rapid Reboot Genesis

The Rapid Reboot Genesis is basically a simplified version of the Regen, coming in at a lower price point. The main differences?

The Genesis is slightly lighter in weight, its battery doesn’t quite last as long and the customization options aren’t as comprehensive. But, that’s not to say the Genesis is in any way subservient to the Regen, it’s still packed full of awesome features.

Users can select from 10 different pressure levels, ranging from 0-200mmHg, as well as 2 different recovery modes, A or B. There are also 6-time settings that can be chosen from, ranging between 5-250 minutes.

But, not only that, the Rapid Reboot Genesis also possesses a feature termed chamber isolation that works just as it sounds. Users can isolate individual chambers at the touch of a button while connected to the control unit via the Rapid Reboot app.

And like the Regen, the Genesis has been manufactured from polycarbonates, ABS, TPU, and chemically enhanced glass, ensuring the recovery unit is up to the task of administering long recovery sessions no matter whether it’s from the comfort of home, in a therapist’s workplace, or while trackside.

The Rapid Regen Genesis’ features include:

  • 2 modes (A,B,C,D)
  • Pressure tuning (+/- 5 mmHg per chamber)
  • Chamber isolation
  • Power saving mode

Rapid Reboot Regen And Genesis Specs Comparison

Rapid Reboot Regen Rapid Reboot Genesis
4 hours battery life 2 hours battery life
6-inch High-definition LCD touch screen 6-inch High-definition LCD touch screen
0-200mmHg pressure range 0-200mmHg pressure range
20 pressure levels ranging from 10mmHg 10 pressure levels ranging from 20mmHg
Custom time settings ranging from 1-179 minute 6-time settings ranging from 5-250 minutes (delivered in 5-minute intervals)
5x4.5x9.5inchs (127x114x241mm) 5x4.5x9.5inchs (127x114x241mm)
Universal power input (100-240volts at 50-60Hz) Universal power input (100-240volts at 50-60Hz)
4.4lbs (2kg) product weight 4lbs (1.8kg) product weight
2-year warranty 2-year warranty

Final Thoughts

If you think one of Rapid Reboot’s Regen or Genesis could be just the thing to take your recovery efforts to the next level, then why not check out the Rapid Reboot Regen or the Rapid Reboot Genesis, or if you wish to see our entire Rapid Reboot range, simply by clicking the corresponding links.

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