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The Ultimate Guide To Theragun Percussive Therapy Massagers

The Ultimate Guide To Theragun Percussive Therapy Massagers

If you're serious about athletic recovery, you should definitely know about Theragun's range of handheld massagers.

A favorite in the recovery world, and preferred by some of the best massage and physical therapists, pro athletes, and fitness trainers from around the world, Theragun has firmly cemented itself as the go-to percussive therapy device for many sporting and fitness enthusiasts.


Well, Theragun's renowned power and first-class percussive therapy have been shown to improve athletic performance, speed up recovery, and boost overall wellbeing.

And as an athlete or somebody who struggles with joint or muscle soreness, a Theragun percussion massager can be an absolute godsend.

If this sounds like something you'd like to integrate into your athletic or personal recovery journey, then read on.

In this post, we are going to detail the benefits of percussion massage, why we recommend Theragun, how to use a Theragun massage gun, as well as help you decide on a Theragun percussive massager that best suits your recovery needs.

Benefits of Theragun Percussion Massagers

Benefits of Theragun Percussion Massagers

There are many benefits to percussive therapy. In fact, there are many studies suggesting that the use of a percussion massage device has the following benefits:

As well as this, percussion massager has also been shown to:

  • enhance athletic performance
  • help athletes recover faster from workouts
  • reduce the onset of tension, soreness, and body aches
  • assist in injury rehabilitation
  • flush lactic acid away from recovery muscles
  • decrease soreness from conditions that plague many active people
  • may help improve sleep
  • and act as a source of natural stress relief

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Why We Recommend Theragun Massage Guns

Why We Recommend Theragun Massage Guns

When you work out, your muscles are subjected to microscopic tears or microtears. And when your body enters the recovery period post-workout, these tears heal and your muscles strengthen.

This means muscles aren't built when you work out, they are built when you are in the recovery phase.

And, along with the many benefits of percussion therapy that we've mentioned above, this is one of the main reasons we recommend Theragun.

Theragun's range of massage guns assists athletes in the recovery phase to become faster, stronger, and more resilient versions of themselves.

And not only that, Theragun's percussion massagers are packed full of awesome features. These include:

  • Renowned Theragun power: Theragun massage guns are well known for their ability to deliver deep amplitude (the distance the attachment head oscillates) as well as a high level of percussions per minute (how rapidly this oscillation is delivered to the targeted area of the body.
  • Long-lasting battery power: Theragun's range of percussion massagers are all equipped with powerful lithium-ion batteries that deliver operation times of between 120-150 minutes, depending on the model.
  • A wide range of interchangeable attachments: All Theragun percussive therapy guns are compatible with six different head attachments. These include the dampener, the standard ball, the cone, the thumb, the wedge, and the supersoft attachment.
  • All Theragun massagers are quiet: While under operation, Theragun massagers are generally very quiet when compared to many other alternatives available on the market.
  • Unrivaled Warranty: All Theragun models are backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

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How To Use A Theragun Massage Gun

How To Use A Theragun Massage Gun

While massage guns are very intuitive to use, there is a little more to it than simply turning the gun on and sticking the head attachment into your aching muscles and joints.

If you wish to achieve the best recovery results, follow these steps:

  1. Attach the appropriate head attachment for the job: each Theragun attachment has been specially designed for a specific application. For best results, refer to our Theragun massager attachment product page.
  2. Turn on the unit: Each Theragun model has a different way to be turned on. Some have a quick start option while others don't.
  3. Start your massage off slowly: Resist the temptation to go too hard too quickly. Instead, warm up your muscles by delivering smooth, gentle strokes.
  4. Find trigger points and knots: Most of the tension you're likely experiencing will be locked away in trigger points or muscle knots. Target those areas for the best results.
  5. Clean the massager after use: Once you're all done, clean the device with a sanitary wipe.

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Which Theragun Percussion Massager Best Suits You

Which Theragun Percussion Massager Best Suits You

When it comes to deciding on a Theragun massager, the hardest part is choosing between them all.

No matter, here's a quick comparison section to help you decide.

Theragun Pro

The Theragun Pro is the creme de la creme of all the Theragun massagers. It's best suited to those that are very serious about their recovery outcomes.

Theragun Elite

The Theragun Elite is another seriously powerful model. It's perfect for long-distance athletes, weight lifters, and massage or physical therapists.

Theragun Prime

The Theragun Prime is the perfect blend between affordability and functionality. There's no need to break the bank, the Theragun Prime will bring all the benefits of percussion therapy without the price tag.

Theragun Mini

And, for those that are constantly on the road or traveling between sporting events, the Theragun Mini is your best bet. This little beauty is compact, portable, and perfectly designed to fit into your suitcase or gym bag, for use when you're out and about.

When it comes to the best percussive therapy, there's simply no argument.

Theragun makes the best percussion massagers on the planet.

Their versatility, long-lasting battery life, high amplitude depth, comprehensive warranty, and proven effectiveness sets Theragun's legendary percussion massager guns aside from all the competition.

Have questions about Theragun that weren't answered in this article? Check out our Theragun FAQs page.

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